6 Reasons Why We Don’t Engage in Dialogue

6 Reasons Why We Don’t Engage in Dialogue July 18, 2016

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If there’s one thing that keeps frustrating me about one of my major goals as a writer, it’s the fact that so many people are simply unwilling to have the conversations we often need in order to build bridges — or worse, they don’t even agree on the usefulness of that goal at all.

But ultimately, we will have to address this task. Ideological polarization is not getting better and arguably is getting worse as we find ways to cloister ourselves within communities of largely like-minded people.

This is not an easy problem to diagnose, nor is it an easy one to find solutions for. But we do have to step back and try to determine some possible reasons for people to avoid the dialogue we need across ideological lines.

With that in mind — and with the huge caveat that I am not by any means an expert here — here are some ideas about what might be some contributing factors and some suggestions on how to tackle them.

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