The Platform by Alan Smith – Personalized for Robert Ricciardelli

The Platform by Alan Smith – Personalized for Robert Ricciardelli May 12, 2013

In 2002 while we were living and building the foundational platform for the Converging Zone Network, God very clearly spoke to Joyce, build a platform for His voice to be heard. It was confirmation that we were to build a platform for God’s voice to be heard through many others who carry His heart and purposes. Just a year later, we met Alan Smith, and at that meeting after hearing our story, Alan looked at us and told that the dream he had a year earlier was very much about us, he declared, “You are the one’s.” It was very timely and we have been building the platform ever since. Alan is one of our dearest friends today and other friends continue to  remind us of our calling to build the network, and build the platform for many voices. I am thankful for the prophetic voices in our life who love and encourage us through the challenging times. They are always there for us. Enjoy the dream and vision that Alan shared with us long ago that still means so much to us today…

Behold, an old prophet, who was also a great master builder, went out to build a platform. His skills and vision, honed sharp by time and experience, were beyond that of most common men. As he began building this platform for the great festival, children began to descend on the grassy knoll at the town-square.

The children gazed in amazement as the old prophet whistled while he worked. As he toiled, the sweat would fall from his brow. Yet, he whistled. As he cut the main beam, he whistled. In the midst of his labor, he would back up and take a look at his work. As he looked he would whistle.

Finally the children walked up to him and said, “Why are you so happy when you are working?”

The old carpenter looked at the children and said, “I am happy, for I am building a platform for another to speak upon. Happiness is when you are preparing a secure and safe place for others to stand and speak.”

The children sat looking into the face of the old carpenter as he told them about the ways of Wisdom. The children asked him, “How can we meet this one called wisdom?”

The old prophet replied, “My father sends to me Revelation. Then when I ask, he sends to me Understanding. Then my father told me that when Revelation and Understanding come together, they will begat Wisdom.  Wisdom is the fruit that others can eat and grow and gain strength from.  Like fruit, when Wisdom is released, others are allowed to eat.  It is the ways of the Spirit.” The old prophet then took his handkerchief and wiped his forehead.

The children asked him, “Why do you not speak on the platform that you are building? Why do you sweat for another?”

He turned again to the children and said, “Pride is the only man that builds his own platform from which to speak.  Pride also is arrogant and is not a good builder. He does not calculate the load, but only sees the crowd.  Pride builds a platform that is impressive, but will not hold much weight. Pride also builds with no bracing. When a storm comes the platform will fall. “Pride,” he said, “builds his platform quickly; therefore, it is shaky and unstable in all of its ways.” The old prophet then returned to his work.

The children watched him closely as he took his time to do a work of excellence. After a few hours, the old prophet came over to the children and set to rest a while. The children asked him, “Why do you work so slow and look at every detail?” 

The old carpenter looked at them with the spirit of Wisdom and said, “Man will do for others what he will not do for himself. When Wisdom builds the platform, he builds it safely and securely for others to stand on. Pride lives for himself; Wisdom is eaten so others can live.” He then stood up and whistled as he gazed at the structure that was emerging from the grassy knoll.

The children asked him, “Are you not being prideful as you look at what you have performed?”

The old carpenter replied, “No, just honored that my father called me to be a carpenter in his kingdom.” As night was drawing near he said, to the children, “Return tomorrow as it will be another day in which we can build a platform for another.

“Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”  I Thessalonians 5:11

Alan Smith –

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