Spoonboy to play Rock Beyond Belief

Spoonboy to play Rock Beyond Belief October 8, 2010

Press play. This might be your new favorite song.

Spoonboy – What You Want

Spoonboy is the under-appreciated solo project of David Combs, of the Max Levine Ensemble. His album, “I Love You This Is A Robbery” is in my top 10 albums of all time. The entire album has punky folk songs about self-empowerment, finding your own identity, standing up for what is right, and over-all optimism even in the face of the dark social problems facing all of us.

Spoonboy, Rock Beyond Belief artist

As a whole, it functions as an everyman’s album. With the lyrical urgency of early Velvet Underground, the inspired arrangements and playing of Tea for the Tillerman, which is all kept up to date with a Jeffrey Lewis-like understanding of the nuances of underground music and culture. Kind of looks like Pete Townsend in that picture, too.

Here is a video of him playing another one of his songs in an intimate live setting. We can’t wait to have him play a set next year! Spoonboy is just the latest addition to the growing Rock Beyond Belief Lineup. Take a look, after the song is over of course!

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