Happy Halloween! Have a treat: news about Rock Beyond Belief.

Happy Halloween! Have a treat: news about Rock Beyond Belief. October 31, 2010

Halloween is typically considered to be secular these days, despite it’s roots in ancient pagan religion (‘Samhain‘) and parts of 16th century Christianity. It’s a fun excuse to play dress up for many religious people and non-theists alike. We’re talking about free candy here, folks. Zombies and free candy. Right on.

Just to catch everyone up with the latest on the festival, here is what’s new:

New Facebook Page

We have a new Facebook page, with a feed to this very blog built right into it. If you have a Facebook account, please by all means click the link, and hit ‘like’. This will definitely help us to prove to Fort Bragg’s MWR that there is enough interest in the event that they would support it logistically and financially (for day of event costs), and secure the large main post parade field. Of course we will be adding more big names to the line up in the near future which will surely help.‘Liking’ our page is an entirely painless way that you can support Rock Beyond Belief.

Also, please comment here, and/or on the Facebook page as often as you want. We want your feedback, suggestions, and even your help. We appreciate all that we are getting, and it really feels like a snowball-effect already. Keep it up!

God Discussion Radio Show

We were featured prominently on the last episode of God Discussion radio show. This week’s guest panel included:

Bruce Wilson – co-founded and writes for Talk2Action. He also writes for AlterNet.

Chris Rodda – author of Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right’s Alternate Version of American History and is also the head of research for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

Leah Burton – consultant to the California Council of Churches, and fellow board member of  MRFF.

Ilene Proctor – Internationally-acclaimed publicist who had an intriguing report on government abuse of power.

The episode was about three hours long, but it’s a rewarding listen. Chris Rodda, who has already championed us publicly and privately talked about Rock Beyond Belief and fielded questions about it for about 10 minutes or so, and we are very grateful for that exposure! Especially in light of her taking time away from talking about her very prominent post about Glen Beck and the Armed Forces Network, which you should read too.

Everyone else on the God Discussion radio show panel was very informative, too. Bruce and Ilene were very capable speakers, and they were a pleasure to listen to.  Leah Burton gave a tearful account of the horrible ordeal she suffered 2 years ago. She was ‘curbed’ by a group of extremist Christians, and she was brave enough to retell the story. I think everyone choked up a little bit when she paused to regain her composure for a minute. Give it a listen, when you’ve got some time, it was compelling. Stay tuned for future episodes of God Discussions Radio Show, because there is a rumor going around that Rock Beyond Belief might be discussed even more in depth. Who knows!

To all of our supporters, have a happy and safe Halloween, and keep checking back for more.

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