US Military Defines Spirituality…?

US Military Defines Spirituality…? January 22, 2011

You might have guessed that 99.9% of references are explicitly religious. Good guess! There seems to be a sudden rush to walk this back in the light of all the exposure the Army’s mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing is getting. The mental gymnastics required to divorce their concept of Spiritual Fitness from Religion illustrate exactly why we should avoid using such loaded terms.

They seem to want people to think that Spiritual Fitness or Spirituality:

  • has nothing to do with religion.
  • could mean “in good spirits” or “spirited”
  • is an umbrella term, or a catch-all, universal concept for everyone to use.

They want the public to think that when the military says ‘Spirituality’ they mean ‘don’t commit suicide‘. That’s how they are justifying violation(s) of the Constitution. This murky term is a time-bomb.

Luckily, the Air Force has just recently defined the term ‘Spirituality’ for us.


“Religion provides people with a sense of personal identity and belonging.
Spirituality refers to the beliefs in higher powers such as gods or spirits.”
– U.S. Air Force official training.

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