24 Hour Rapture Telethon on May 21st – Save the Date!

24 Hour Rapture Telethon on May 21st – Save the Date! March 11, 2011

Attention: May 21st, 2011 is the Last chance to dance! (Ever.)

The world is ending, and the rapture is going to be screwing up your Christmas. Didn’t you hear?

Luckily, we at Rock Beyond Belief have an early present for you. Deborah at God Discussion, will be hosting a star studded interactive 24 hour telethon. The funds being raised are going to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s defense of Rock Beyond Belief in any upcoming litigation. Any leftover funds will certainly be put to good use standing up for the separation of church and state in the military. The target goal is $5,000

You can participate with your webcam too! There will be a rotating cast of characters making the case for people to contribute what they can. Save the date!

You can hear all about it on this week’s episode of the God Discussion Radio Show. We spent over an hour talking about the recent developments at Fort Bragg with Rock Beyond Belief, as well as the mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and training scandal that I broke late last year. By the end of the episode, our announcement of the fundraising campaign was successful enough to rake in $300. Right on! The discussion was lively, and it’s a good place to start for people wondering “What’s next for Rock Beyond Belief?” You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Listen to internet radio with God Discussion on Blog Talk Radio

Please tell me you already knew about the Rapture on May 21st. I mean, come on – it was prophesied! You just don’t get it, do you?!?! Just listen to this helpful song, it will catch you right up to speed.



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  • Sherry

    Prophecy and Free Will do not overlap in any way. End of discussion.

  • Sarah

    So what happen? i thought the rapture was going to happen the 21st? its now the 22nd.. =)

  • george

    It seems as if another group has entered the billboard wars in Camping’s/Family Radio’s back yard of Oakland, CA. They are disputing Camping’s claims with a compelling message of “Jesus is already here.” Here’s the billboard photo:


  • Zeek Smith

    Ask most Christians how many they think are truly saved. Around here many would guess about %10.


    Jesus saves, but he also burns and torturers in the lake of fire forever.

    Nine times out of ten Jesus is here to burn you forever for your sins.

    That’s the kind of God you serve and worship. It’s no wonder the Bible says most of the world will try to kill him in the battle of Armageddon. Imagine if we were able to kill the butcher. What a wonderful world we could have without people being cast into hell.

    Reincarnation seems a whole lot better, when you compute the high cost of Jesus’s ‘LOVE’.