American Atheists Inc. Issues Statement of Intent to Fort Bragg

American Atheists Inc. Issues Statement of Intent to Fort Bragg March 18, 2011

David Silverman, President of American Atheists, has been in direct contact with me since November, whole-heartedly supporting the Rock Beyond Belief festival.

Given the recent issue about Fort Bragg telling reporters that our lineup hadn’t submitted a curious thing called a ‘Statement of Intent’, David instinctively issued an organization-wide ‘Statement of Intent’ to support us. Brilliant.


Rock Beyond Belief: Statement of Intent ICO American Atheists, Inc.

American Atheists, Inc. wishes to clearly state and put on the record our statement of intent to support and attend the Rock Beyond Belief festival at Fort Bragg. The Rock Beyond Belief festival has the full support of American Atheists, Inc., which includes assistance with advertising and sending Blair Scott, our Communications Director to the event to speak. American Atheists, Inc. is proud to be part of already extensive schedule of crowd-drawing atheists, activists, and bands.

It is unfortunate that this event is now canceled due to seeming discriminatory behavior on the part of the chain of command at Fort Bragg. The unwavering support (especially financial) of the previous Christian event and now the removing of funding from the atheist event (for less money than the Christian event) is disheartening, at best. Changing the rules of the game at the last minute is a common tactic that American Atheists, Inc. has seen in the past as a way to prevent atheist organizations and groups from holding events or participating in public events. It is clearly an unethical way to engage in religious discrimination.

Kathleen Johnson, Military Director for American Atheists, Inc. stated, “The 2009 ARIS poll indicated that 21% of the military is non-religious. Fort Bragg just discriminated against 21% of its soldiers. As an Army veteran, I am greatly disappointed in this behavior.”

Blair Scott, Communications Director said, “I was incredibly enthusiastic about attending this event and seeing so many atheists in one location supporting our atheists in foxholes and DOD civilian employees. The excitement over this event on Facebook and other media outlets was, to put it mildly, abuzz with excitement. As a military veteran and former foxhole atheist who faced discrimination when I was in the service, it is incredibly frustrating to see this behavior still a part of the chain of command.

“American Atheists, Inc. fully supports the efforts to bring Rock Beyond Belief back to Fort Bragg and make this event happen,” said Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists, Inc. “If this discrimination goes to court, it will have our direct involvement.


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  • Dan Rawlings

    I feel so left out in the military…. If the internet were not here I would be so depressed! The fact that I can connect with people who think the same way I do is SO GREAT! Thank you Mr. Silverman!

  • Stella

    Do you guys think you are smarter than Einstein, who proved the existence of God mathematically? That Blair Scott is just seeking attention. He cannot be that smart otherwise he would watch his health instead of trying to dictate how others should think.

  • Stella

    Do you guys think you are smarter than Einstein, who proved the existence of God mathematically? That Blair Scott is just seeking attention. He cannot be that smart otherwise he would watch his health instead of trying to dictate how others should think. I know you will not publish this because Blair’s website does not allow comments…only HIS views are allowed and nobody can disagree…narcissistic for sure, other neurological problems? Only his doctor would know but he does not look healthy.

    • Justin Griffith

      Hello Stella,

      I’m not sure if you realized that you were commenting on a post that is many months old. Also, I run the festival’s site by myself. I’m an active duty sergeant in the army, and am currently deployed. The power and internet were out most of the last 2 days so I didn’t get the chance to approve comments. It wasn’t an effort to silence you. Quite the opposite, I encourage reaching out to others to try to get a bit of understanding and dignity for the foxhole atheist community.

      Also, I have only been a part of the AA organization for a few days. Blair Scott is not likely to see your comments left here. To be honest, they are pretty mean spirited – but I guess I would pass them along if you wanted. It seems to me that it speaks of your personal character in an unflattering way. But again, I do not want you to feel silenced.

      I’m really not sure why some people judge a person’s ability to contribute to society based on physical appearances. You seem to be projecting, perhaps you too struggled with fitness issues and/or mental disorders? But then again, maybe you’re just lashing out in such a manner because of the semi-anonymous nature of the internet. A little bit of both, I suspect.

      However, I’ve taken a few minutes to ‘ Google’ you.

      I know that you are 5’5’’ and approx 125 pounds, and consider yourself a very fit Floridian. I’m not saying that you have fitness issues, but my 6’1’’ wife (also a Florida native) weighs the same as you. This is without the benefit of complex Haas Avocado / Enzyme Q 10 dieting that you espoused a few years ago. She is certainly more than a few decades younger than you as well. It seems that you are in your mid-late 50’s.

      Perhaps you feel overweight, old, and unattractive and you are just projecting your issues in a frankly bizarre conspiratorial-toned manner. If so, you don’t need to feel that way. You are a beautiful creature, clearly with a strong will and a tenacious fighting spirit.

      But, maybe this is also why you seem to fancy online dating sites, where you are seen desperately trying to get your comments deleted. Something about losing hundreds of dollars in a sex-advice dating site scam? You mentioned many of those culprits were part of a Nigerian-based scam. Unfortunately, that sounds like an intense ‘walk of shame’ in the teller line at your bank, and the criminals were likely counting on that. But I sincerely do hope you got your money back.

      I’m sure you are generally a kind person. Maybe you were having a bad day or something. It happens. And I’m sure I’ve said and done dumb shit online before that I wouldn’t want put out there. Perhaps I’ll be eating some of my words in an upcoming slice of humble pie someday soon. Today it was your turn.

      I’m also publishing a less personal reply to it in a full fledged post. None of this is out of spite, and I sincerely hope you read it all.

  • Chip

    Ha ha… Well put my man.

  • paulalovescats

    6′ 1″ 125? No way. Skeletal.