Interact with Nate Phelps, Estranged Atheist Son of ‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor

Interact with Nate Phelps, Estranged Atheist Son of ‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor May 19, 2011

Nate Phelps has graciously agreed to take questions from all of you during the 24 hour rapture party on Saturday May 21st.

You heard about it right? Rapture parties are great and all… but it’s also Armed Forces Day. So Deborah from God Discussions has thrown together a star-studded 24 hour internet video telethon. Foxhole atheists have a huge legal fight coming, and our friends and allies at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are going to be leading the charge.

Think of some questions for Nate Phelps.

He has insider information on the worlds most famous group of in real life trolls ever assembled. No, not you 4chan / Anonymous – I’m talking about the ‘free speech advocates’ at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Nathan Phelps ran away from the outrageous and abusive family just minutes after midnight on his 18th birthday. If you haven’t already, you should read his moving story. It’s going to be released one of these days…

Years later, he now works at the wonderful Center For Inquiry (Canada), as a fighter for LBGT issues as well as a courageous spokesman for shedding religious beliefs and intolerance. Nate Phelps joined our lineup for the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief festival several weeks ago, and he’s been a strong ally ever since.

Rapture Day is also Armed Forces Day

The pain inflicted by these nutty religious extremists on emotionally distraught family members of dead soldiers is difficult to estimate. These hate-mongering idiots thrive on pissing off people with their message, often baiting them into minor physical incidents and other ‘crimes’. That’s how they fund their incessant protests.

Please come up with some questions for Nate Phelps and submit them live in the chatroom tomorrow (time TBA) and/or in the comments section below (in case the chat feature is overloaded).

Stay Classy Westboro Baptist Church

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  • Robin

    Nate, do you think that the way you were treated by these people has/had an influence in your non-belief in God?

  • Aaron

    Hello Nate,
    Do you think that your father and family actually believes what they say, or is it all a calculated plan to manipulate the law into funding them?

  • beerslayer

    Questions for Nate: What was the final straw in your decision to break ties with your family? Do they continue to harass you today?

    As for the girl with the sign and the shades and the grey tank top, I’d totally hit that! (So long as I didn’t have to listen to her preach, that is…)

  • Alex

    Question for Nate: What do you believe is the best way to combat the Westboro Baptist Church?

  • kittybrat

    Nate, what advice can you give on how to stop the creeping back in of magical thinking? Is it a process that needs constant tending, or does it finally stop coming back?

  • Simon

    First off my sincere respect to you for choosing to walk away from what appears to be such a repressive and hate filled environment. Breaking the family bonds – particularly such dysfunctional ones – takes a lot of doing.

    I was wondering about the years you were being raised. What was the strongest emotion around the home? And what emotion or feelings were the most difficult to express? I’m not a mental health professional or anything like that. I’m not religious. I’m just in wonder at what makes a person so full of attention seeking rage; they take what is commonly held to be a Christian message of uncompromising love, turn it into a message of uncompromising hatred, and think themselves in their Gods favour by doing so.

    I wish you health and happiness.