There are no atheists in foxholes in sandstorms.

There are no atheists in foxholes in sandstorms. June 30, 2011

This picture was taken of Justin Griffith in (not so) broad daylight.

There are no atheists in foxholes in sandstorms. We’re too smart for that shit.

Very beige

In case you were wondering, yes you can dig a foxhole in the desert. Sand doesn’t play nice with the most common weapons we use (M16 / M4), and it’s not all that common. But it can be done in the desert terrain.

But in a sandstorm?

The current sandstorm we are going through out here would render digging efforts completely useless. You’ve probably built a sand castle before. But have you tried to build one with sand that’s moving 30 miles per hour directly at your eyes?

Today, our vehicle was rendered non-operational from the dust clogging the air filter. The sidewalk to our building’s front door that we shovel regularly was completely undetectable hours after the wind picked up. Seriously, even the sky turned very beige. Until now, I never would have thought it possible that something could even be described as “very beige”.

Yes you could imagine a scenario with a pre-existing foxhole. But think about it, in a sandstorm you’re not worried about concealment anymore. You’re not really even worried about cover from small arms fire either, due to the limited visibility. I’d even be worried about leaving my equipment in a foxhole during a sandstorm. You might not be able to find it afterwards!

An argument against foxholes.

I’ve recently heard a reply to the “There are no atheists in foxholes” canard along the lines of “This is more of an argument against foxholes.” A reference to the trend away from their use, and to the embrace of more appropriate urban forms of cover and concealment.

We all get the ‘stumper’ point the theist meant to say, so I like these types of ‘gotcha breakers’. The foxhole is certainly not completely phased out, but the picture of me illustrates the reason why it’s more and more often becoming thought of as a joke.

Maybe the fact that foxholes are starting to be regarded as outdated and ‘a joke’ will lead to the death of that foolish statement once and for all.

Did it just get warmer in here?

I also found an account of a foxhole in the same desert being used for evangelical baptism.


Among other things, Graham said that he remembered that the operation was called Desert
Shield. And then he said, “Sir, the Cross of Jesus Christ is what made America great. America was built upon the Christian faith of our ancestors. It ticks me off that the Saudis are pressuring our military to restrict our religious expression. It doesn’t sit well with the American people either.”

Graham said that after he finished a hush fell over the line. “I understand what you’re trying to do,” the Colonel replied. “I’m an evangelical too. But I’m under orders…” Franklin said, “So am I, sir — orders from the King of kings and Lord of lords — to go into all the world and preach the gospel and make disciples of every nation.”

The Colonel paused again. “I understand. I guess you might as well know some of the results of your work.” He began sharing stories of spiritual activity among our soldiers, including baptisms out in the desert — in foxholes, of all places.

Yes, that’s the same Franklin Graham who has been banned by the U.S. Army from religious events for his hate speech. The same one who was sneaking back in by putting on the massive evangelical membership drive festivals known as Rock the Fort. Those festivals hit Fort Bragg in September 2010 and the very next day work was started on what turned into Rock Beyond Belief. Despite epic setbacks and interference, we are now in the final negotiations (again) with officials for a Spring 2012 event.

I’ll keep you posted. By the way, if you try to steal my t-shirt idea, I’ll see you in court. 😉

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