Tom Clancy quotes US General denying that atheists exist in combat.

Tom Clancy quotes US General denying that atheists exist in combat. July 3, 2011

Here is another example of the pervasive and disrespectful attitudes towards atheists. These statements reveal exactly the types of barriers we are trying to break down.

The Q course and the Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) experience revealed to me that in order for a leader to possess and project the courage expected by his men in combat, he himself must find the means to be at peace with himself. For me, this strength comes from an abiding faith in my relationship with God. This strength allows a person to live one day at a time without fear of death. I have never known an atheist in combat, and I do not ever expect to find one. I do not believe that this is a revelation discovered only by Carl Stiner. Based upon my experience, it is a belief that serves as the inner strength and motivation of the greatest majority of all combat leaders, both officer and enlisted. I do not know of a substitute for this. -General Carl Stiner (Ret.)

This book was published the same year notable foxhole atheist Pat Tillman graduated from Ranger school. He then began serving in the Special Operations Command that General Stiner (Ret.) described as devoid of atheists.

Worth every penny.

This comes from Tom Clancy’s “Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces” and is on sale at Amazon for $0.01 (no joke, used copies of Hardback and Paperback are both currently available.)

So maybe it’s not worth every penny, but it’s damn close. Only off by one. So don’t buy it, whatever the price. If you feel the need to part from your money today, please consider the Pat Tillman Foundation.

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  • beerslayer

    Is this book a novel, or is it marketed as “non-fiction”? Either way, I’m sure they’d use the disclaimer that the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the author.

    That said, whether Mr. Clancy personally shares the viewpoint in question or not is not terribly relevant. If this Mr. Steiner comes across in person as the religious fanatic he comes across as in this quote, I am not surprised that any atheist soldiers that have ever been under his command would be reluctant to express their views in his presence.

    The US military needs to understand that freedom OF religion means freedom FROM religion. They MUST defend our right NOT to believe just as strongly as they defend a Christian’s right to believe.

  • I had pretty much lost interest in all things Clancy halfway through “Clear and Present Danger.” It was a terribly-written book by a hack with little more talent for characterization than Ayn Rand.