Little Babies – OM NOM NOM!

Little Babies – OM NOM NOM! July 13, 2011

It seems we’ve been caught.

My father read my post about working with Chaplains and not against. He saw the piece end with the ‘atheist baby-eating’ meme, and he felt the urge to call us out. You’ll notice that my sister, Nina, is chatting with my wife, Tianna, about how scrumptious our daughter looks on Facebook.

The jig is up!

My dad is a pretty funny and awesome guy. You may remember his last interaction with this website, when he wished me a happy Easter and also completely debunked all of science.

Interestingly, this is actually not the first time the inside joke has struck RBB.

At one point during the first RBB approach, we had been ordered to put ‘warning labels’ on our posters and handouts. We were to make it clear that the atheist festival was not endorsed by Fort Bragg or the Department of the Army (basically anybody). This is despite heavy promotion and sponsorship of the Evangelical Christian event (Rock the Fort). To all observers, their event was portrayed as an official Army event, even listing Fort Bragg phone numbers as the official point of contact for more information.

We had obliged with the beginning of our first Rock Beyond Belief video on our RBB channel on YouTube. YouTuber, themanofearth helped us out with an excellent video. Deciding it would be fun to get creative with the warning label, we went for it like this:


“This is not associated with Fort Bragg. Do not confuse this with the officially endorsed Spiritual Fitness event called Rock the Fort. That evangelical Christian membership drive was appropriate for the nice people of Fort Bragg. Non-religious Soldiers are Spiritually Unfit and are even rumored to eat babies. Until that is cleared up, Fort Bragg does not endorse Rock Beyond Belief.”

Change it back!

A few days later I received a phone call from unofficial sources at Fort Bragg several months back, basically begging us to “change it back!” I think this person was under the impression that we were going to slap that giant paragraph warning label on the bottom of all of our posters and hand outs. The person tried to warn us that while it’s hilarious, some people wont get it. I tried to explain that it’s an inside joke, and it really didn’t have a spot in our real outreach efforts.

Too funny, though.

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