Thank You Fort Bragg

Thank You Fort Bragg August 19, 2011

Rock Beyond Belief’s earliest attempts were not taken seriously by Fort Bragg, as visitors may remember.

However, the situation has changed drastically in the months since our first approach fell through. Fort Bragg’s Garrison Commander, Colonel Sicinski has made the right call, and has now approved our event with the full government support that was promised.

There is a tangible momentum building in the foxhole atheist community, and we’ve reached a flash point. Our voices will be heard. With the legitimacy of an official event, we now have an extremely positive story to rally around. We really appreciate your understanding and support.

If anyone would like to extend a personal thank you to Colonel Sicinski, please do so at this email address. I’m assured that he will receive a copy.

We (royally speaking) accidentally spammed his personal inbox the first time around with demands to be taken seriously. This is a chance to let him know we appreciate the turn around. If you have a few spare minutes, even a simple “Thank you” would do.

Obviously, this one little post on the blog is not going to receive nearly as much publicity as the campaign to be taken seriously in the first place. But I feel that it’s important to at least try to make an effort to recognize progressive action in our leadership. Especially in the government / military.

Colonel Sicinski is not alone here, and I assure you that there are forward-thinking staff on board at Fort Bragg who were with us from the beginning. Perhaps Rock Beyond Belief will be a catalyst or milestone towards some greater and more permanent support for the foxhole atheist community. Perhaps it will rain out and be forgotten (I know there are prayer chains to that effect). Who knows?

Either way, Fort Bragg did the right thing here, and we greatly appreciate it. Please let them know you do too.

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  • David Wiener

    Colonel Sicinski,

    As a North Carolina resident and supporter of our Armed Forces I appreciate your support for all of those who serve under you.


    David Wiener

  • kittybrat

    Thank you for your tenacity! My e-mail to Colonel Sicinski is sent.
    Congratulations. You inspire me.