Military Atheists fight for your rights, please return the favor

Military Atheists fight for your rights, please return the favor August 26, 2011

***Seeking pictures of foxhole atheists***

I’ve got a special project coming up that requires a few pictures of very out foxhole atheists. Candidates need to be willing to appear on a patriotic poster, potentially to be hung in a government building. I need high end resolution (but nothing ridiculous… don’t jam my poor deployment internet connection with 10MB pictures).

This is a draft (click to embiggen)

Support ALL the troops, Support Foxhole Atheists

Please post your pictures in the MASH group on Facebook if you want to submit something!

Which reminds me, we are actively adding people again to that group. We were hesitant at first for complicated reasons – but now we are gaining acceptance more and more on a daily basis! So join it, and don’t forget to add all of your friends as well. Looking for a few more moderator candidates, hit me up if interested.

We have the group open for a few specific reasons. We need military members, veterans, spouses, and dedicated civilians. If you don’t mind clicking on a link, responding to trolls in media reports about us, and occasionally being asked to write an email on our behalf… please by all means, join the group. And add others who care.

I’m also coordinating a round of care packages in a few months so I need both volunteers and recipients!

Off-topic: the power and internet are going down more often than not out here lately. Apologies to journalists / activists / Fort Bragg officials who may have felt ‘left hanging!’

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  • Barry Johnstone.

    Being a Kiwi, I can’t do much, aside from totally and completely supporting your cause – which is also reality’s cause, not to mention…………………………………..

  • Alec

    Sorry, British here so I can only offer my admiration and regret that your country has such a religious obsession. Good luck with this, it’s a pretty awesome movement.

  • patrick

    Thank you! I’ve since left service, but it irked me that “Norelpref” (no religious preference) was as close to “atheist” as they would get on my dog tags. There are a lot of us nonbelievers out there in uniform. I’m glad you are speaking up. (I would really like to see the military stop spending money on paying chaplains and the enlisted RPs. It’s waste, fraud and abuse to me, but I digress)

    However, please make sure you don’t get your poster peeps in trouble- military members are not allowed to openly protest in uniform. They can pose on their own, but depending on how this campaign is taken, they could be subject to NJP.

    • Absolutely have the NJP angle covered – nothing about this is for ‘protesting’ anything. Details will emerge shortly, but an opportunity to have a poster hanging was just offered by a government official who probably didn’t think anyone was going to take them up on it. Sounds like Rock Beyond Belief to me.

      The pictures I have received thus far were sent in by the soldiers’ wives in most cases, and many were not currently in the services. Good looking out though.

  • Ileen Verble

    Just submitted a pic! It would be tre groovy if this poster came to fruition. My face might be in a goverment building! Other than a post office!

  • Brian

    Brothers in arms, nice site. Canadian (2x Afghan vet) Foxhole Atheist.
    Much support from your Northern Neighbours.

  • Sean

    Justin, are you still looking? If so, I’ll get one to you this afternoon. Do you want the KAF poo pond (regional landmark) in it?

    • I’d love to have pictures of foxhole atheists sent to me ANYTIME! Though this project was killed do to creative differences with well… WOULDNT YOU LIKE TO KNOW! Seriously though, that jerk!