Chaplain’s assistant arrested after trying to meet two underage boys for sex via Facebook

Chaplain’s assistant arrested after trying to meet two underage boys for sex via Facebook September 22, 2011

Via our friends at The Secular Segment.

WATERTOWN—The chaplain assistant at Fort Drum has been arrested for attempting to disseminate indecent material to a child and possession of child pornography, both felonies.

Army Sgt. Jonathan McGeoch,27, was arrested following a month long investigation that police said revealed that McGeoch arranged to meet two underage boys in the Watertown area for the purpose of sexual contact utilizing the social networking site Facebook…

This excerpt from the area’s newspaper North Country Gazette

“Why don’t you have a seat right there.”

Obviously this doesn’t mean that we can draw conclusions about the scale, scope, frequency of this type of crime among the Chaplaincy. But you can say that this one person claimed to work for a higher purpose of some sort. How can this one person have knowingly gone to work everyday – in my Army – and think that he not only serves his country, but he also serves his god well?

How can he think that nobody is watching Facebook? How can he think that his god isn’t watching? How can he not have seen To Catch A Predator?

You can also draw obvious differences between this quick arrest (1 month) and the way this might have been handled by certain Catholic parishes (decades of cover-ups.) Good work, Watertown police.

I’m certain that Fort Drum and the Chaplaincy will be complying in full with this investigation. There is no shame in bringing these bastards to justice. The Army doesn’t currently have a public perception of covering up this type of crime. Let’s keep it that way, Army / Chaplaincy!

I’d like to see strongly worded statements coming forward from the Chaplain’s office. Especially if there is any reason to think he had regular contact with children as part of his official duties.

Ten bucks says he grows facial hair while ‘on leave’.

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  • bud k.

    Hopefully the Chaplaincy will not respond, as do so many Christain’s in
    civilian life, with those standard good old, no need to think about it,
    standbys, namely:”HE AIN’T A REAL CHRISTAIN” or, not the poor souls fault,

  • P Smith

    Mike Weasel is doing the very thing he accuses atheists of doing, falsely attempting to infer that the scumbag chaplain’s assistant was an atheist. No surprise there at seeing such dishonesty.