My daughter thinks daddy lives in the computer

My daughter thinks daddy lives in the computer September 24, 2011

She definitely knows me, even though I’ve been gone for quite some time.

Zoe is our first, and she is 7 months old now. I get to watch her grow up while deployed thanks to webcam technology. Many veterans of previous wars relied upon slow correspondence through letters or they used the phone every few weeks. I get so much more, and I’m grateful.

Recently I even told my niece that I lived in the computer, and that I was hungry. She ‘fed’ me chips that she was snacking on. My family wasn’t amused when I told her that “I am thirsty, please give me some water.” They told her I didn’t want any water after all. 🙂

Anyway, I’m happy to be across the country and yet at the same time sort of live inside a box just a few feet away from my little girl.

And Mom is doing great too. I’m so proud of both of them. Zoe gets gobbled up in all the comments when a picture hits facebook. Oh you silly Facebook atheists. I wonder if grandma understands the baby-eating jokes. Oh well, keep ’em coming, they make me laugh.

On top of skype, digital photography helps me keep an eye on her progress. And mom takes amazing pictures.

But I still can’t help myself. I get dorky with photoshop.


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