Four dimensions and a tree

Four dimensions and a tree October 3, 2011

The Army’s justification for the Soldier Fitness Tracker keeps reading from two scripts that contradict each other.

One group claims that “Spiritual Fitness” has nothing to do with religion. Rather, it’s talking about “human spirit” or “team spirit”. Obviously, this backtracking is due in large part to the unconstitutional nature of requiring such a test. See: Article VI, paragraph 3, U.S. Constitution. The other group can’t stop talking about religion, and they even opened up an extremely goofy Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center.

Look at the pictures in that graphic. They all sorta make sense, until you get to Spiritual. A tree? What the…? Soldiers need to be like trees? That’s a big problem with ‘Spiritual anything’, it doesn’t really mean anything. Might as well just put a tree.

They define Spiritual on that site like this:

Strengthening a set of beliefs, principles or values that sustain a person beyond family, institutional, and societal sources of strength.

Like this guy? He tapped two trees and a fire card for that strength from beyond:

A quick glance through the remedial training modules will demystify the claim that Spiritual = Team Spirit. (These are a tiny sample, the whole thing is like this).

It’s more than just a test, it’s mandatory remedial training, suggestions of suicide hot-lines, insulting speech, and worse. Assuming you do poorly on the Spiritual portion, your results directly go towards making Human Resources decisions. Such as allocating funds and people to increase Spiritual Fitness in the Army.

It needs to go before it gets institutionalized. Oh dear, look what happened:

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  • Gordon

    I would consider Carl Sagan’s sense of wonder to be the closest I want or need to get to spirituality. If you can look up at the night sky and feel part of the cosmos because you are made of stars, or look at a tree and feel connected because you are distant cousins, what more spirituality would you need?

  • VeritasKnight

    Is that a MTG joke? If so, bravo.

  • willsandberg

    In response to the “Magic Missile” video:

  • annie

    It’s like a game! “How many pictures of people can we put up showing them praying… without using the word “prayer”?

    • papango

      Maybe in the second picture it’s not prayer, maybe the good stuff they’re hunting for is on the floor.