BlagHag plague hits close to home. PZ Myers has military backup

BlagHag plague hits close to home. PZ Myers has military backup October 4, 2011

Today I noticed that PZ Myers courageously continued his fight against the caturday plague. PZ alerted all of us at FTB to the sinister plans of Jen McCreight who adopted a kitten over at BlagHag.

Those freaking cat hairs stick to my uniforms, and I am declaring war. I bred these anti-caturday warriors myself. Sick ’em boys.

Methinks it’s a Courage Wolf!

I was wondering what else could possibly be done to preempt the cute overload…

But then it happened.

My daughter, Zoe, became Patient Zero. The virus jumped over to humans! Oh shi-

Quarantine yourselves before it’s too late!

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  • rwahrens

    What a cute little girl!

    Man, are you screwed! For life and for good! Whether you know it or not, you are now twisted around that small, small finger…

    I know whereof I speak, I had three of the little stink – er, sweethearts.

    • Justin Griffith

      My old NCO (supervisor) said to me during the pregnancy: “It’s probably going to be a girl. And she’s probably going to grow up to date assholes like you.”

      Still stings, haha.

      • rwahrens

        Yep, sounds familiar, and yes, they did and are!

        Well, two did and are, the second one got caught by and subverted by, fundie catholics. Broke my heart.

  • starskeptic


    I was ready to stomp on Tokyo until the human picture…

    too cute!

  • Kate from Iowa

    Now all the little cutie needs is a kitten, and she can take over the world! Mwahahahahaha!

  • unbound

    A very insidious infection indeed!

    Mine started with the oldest getting a cat. Then the youngest had to have his own cat…which meant the middle child wanted her own as well. Now there are cats everywhere!! (Per I am now one of those guys with all those cats)

    I haven’t had the cat to human infection in the family so far. Although my daughter is old enough that I’m scowling at every boy that is near her (she is in her early teens). Best of luck to you. I’m bald already, and I blame my daughter…

  • I’m sure I had something intelligent to say but then I got to the last picture and all I can say is “Awwwwwwwww!”

    For the record, the worst part of having kids is that moment you realize that one day they’re going to grow up and do all same shit you did when you were young and stupid. And then you want to *cry*.

  • Cute kid! Grats bro.

    And I love that meme.

  • Oh my! A baby! You may want to keep him away from Hemant Mehta…

    • Justin Griffith

      *her*, but yeah I know what you mean. He’s been quiet with the baby eating pictures lately. Bound to get hungry sooner or later.