Inspirational video of Megan Hurwitt, America’s newest Foxhole Atheist

Inspirational video of Megan Hurwitt, America’s newest Foxhole Atheist October 18, 2011

Megan Hurwitt joined the military last week. This 44 second video of the ceremony is pretty awesome.

Megan Hurwitt just joined the Texas Army National Guard. Her ceremony was in Houston, and it went like this:

“I, your name.” I, Megan Hurwitt.

“Do solemnly swear.” Do solemnly affirm.*pause*

“To support and defend” To support and defend

“The Constitution of the United States” the Constitution of the United States,

“And the state of Texas” and the state of Texas,

“against all enemies”, against all enemies,

“foreign and domestic” foreign and domestic,


“according to regulations” according to regulations

“and laws” and laws.

“So help me god.” *crickets*

Many may not realize how intimidating this first moment of military experience can be. You have no idea what to expect, what to do, or what’s really going to happen next. But look at her. Megan fearlessly asserted her rights, starting her military career with a bang.

That bang joins a cacophony of ‘atheist closet’ doors slamming shut behind heroes from the front lines of two kinds of war. The one that you see on TV, and the overwhelmingly one-sided subterranean culture war that evangelicals have been waging on us for decades, on your dime.

But it’s moments like this that really make give me goosebumps. And Megan’s attitude is positively contagious.

That said, I love my fucking military! So glad to be a part of it!

Yeah, the guy next to me. He asked me about it afterward. I explained that I don’t believe in the presence of a higher power. He confessed that he had his doubts too, but said it “just in case”.

Many civilians are unaware of the mandatory cleaning / punishment that nearly all non-religious soldiers endure during Basic Training every Sunday.

Megan, however, is well prepared – copy of Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in hand.

It looks like Megan will be going to OCS at Fort Benning by the time the Rock Beyond Belief festival hits Fort Bragg. On the upside, when I finally do meet her, I’ll be saluting her. She already earned it, in my book.

As a fellow soldier, and as the Military Director for American Atheists I am very proud to serve alongside heroes like you Megan! Is it too early to say “the New Foxhole Atheists” ?

Please leave any words of encouragement or other comments for her here. I’ll make sure she sees them before she ships out for boot camp.

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