Don’t buy ‘pray for our troops’ ribbons, buy the troops a beer

Don’t buy ‘pray for our troops’ ribbons, buy the troops a beer November 1, 2011

Don't buy 'pray for our troops' ribbons, buy the troops a beer - American Atheists



The “Pray for our troops” ribbons, stickers, and magnets have only proven to help the makers of ribbons, stickers, and magnets. For the same price, you can just buy one of us a beer.

I showed a few (religious) soldiers this today. Typical reply: “Hell yeah!” We already have armor and technology to protect us. We have doctors to mend the wounds that can be healed. Some still wont make it, and the ones that do will proudly raise a glass in their honor.

I haven’t had a beer in several months as deployed troops are forbidden to partake. I’m actually much more excited to see my family, friends, and just get back to America. But man, a beer sounds pretty good. I get asked ‘can I buy you a beer?’ quite often. YES!

How do I buy the troops beer?

In person:

We’re not hard to spot if you live near a major airport or military town. Look for the haircut, really. All you have to do is just buy that service member a drink. Or give him or her two bucks that say “I was going to waste this on a sticker, now I want you to waste it on beer – enjoy!”

It will make their day, I promise.

Also in person:

At the Rock Beyond Belief festival – Fort Bragg, NC. There’ll be a ton of us on March 31st, 2012, and it’s totally free. This may only happen one time, and it might be the most important freethought event in a decade (totally pulled that out of my ass though haha.) You can get your picture taken with us, or the secular ‘celebrities’, or the Army’s Golden Knights Parachute team (weather permitting). Also, free childcare, and free admittance. Bring a blanket.

I want to donate my $2, but troops are so far away. Can’t I just click on something?

Yes, but you might as well get a six pack. We’re thirsty! If you do click on the donation link for American Atheists (I’m the Military Director), be sure to mention it during the typing/clicking phase of the transaction. Dave Silverman says I can’t really spend the money on beer. But on the upside, 100% of the money will go towards activism.

But for now, please spread the image as you see fit. It will get a lot of ‘likes’ from actual troops. Hit those buttons at the bottom if you use that stuff. That type of support is even cheaper than a beer!

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  • HS

    My dad, an active member of Veterans for Peace, loves this particular little clip (NSFW language and gestures):

    It’s on the older side, but still a good one.

    • Pablo Sr.

      In reply to HS: I also, like your Dad, am a member (though semi-active through no fault of my own) of Veterans For Peace. So I was obliged to click on the YouTube link you supplied. I must report I found it offensive. So offensive that I felt compelled to post it on my FaceBook page, then send it around to whomever I though of. I now await the outrage, or credit. My friends are all so sarcastic sometimes I can’t tell the difference.

      On a discordant note, I cannot buy the guys in my group a beer as they all have quit drinking. This is a sad reality for me, but not for them.

      I’m guessing your Dad is a Vietnam vet, tell him “Welcome home” for me.

  • VeritasKnight

    You tell Dave Silverman that if he wants American Atheists to attract more military member, beer is the way to get it done!

    • VeritasKnight

      That’s members. Sorry.

      • papango

        No, I think it’s right both ways.

        • Justin Griffith


  • lordshipmayhem

    That’s something that can be done up here in Canada, too. Not just for Canadian troops, but our allies as well.

    Plus that, we’ve got better beer. ^_^

  • If you’re ever in DC – just lemme know and I’ll take you to Iron Horse where we can have good beer 😀

  • Erp

    So what are servicepeople’s views on Girl Scout cookies? Admittedly the season is still a few months away, but, I believe most councils have programs to allow cookies to be sent to those serving abroad.

  • I’d love to buy a soldier a beer! I live in Williamsburg, VA, so near a few bases, and I should probably just go out and make someone’s night sometime. 😀

  • anthonyallen

    I shared this with my Facebook friends with the message:

    This is an American thing, but it goes for our guys, too

    This Remembrance Day, let’s all buy a beer for one of our men and women in the Service, and raise one of our own for those we have lost.

    I know I will.

    As I have done for the past 17 years since I have been out. Thank you, Justin, for all your work. I’ll raise a glass for you, this year.