6 dead after church tells them to stop taking HIV medication

6 dead after church tells them to stop taking HIV medication November 26, 2011

Reporters in the U.K. have uncovered a tragedy.

Faith healers there have been telling their congregations that they can cure anything – including HIV. And people are dying. Six victims and counting.

An undercover reporter went to one of the many UK churches that claim to be able to cure anything.

6 die after church tells them they can heal HIV without medicine

The person hardly blinked, and promised them a cure.

From the report:

At least six people with HIV stopped taking their medication and died after churches claimed God could cure them, an investigation has found.

Undercover reporters who posed as worshippers infected with HIV in south London were told that pastors could heal them.

The journalists underwent a ‘healing process’ where they were sprayed in the face with water while a member of the church called for the devil to come out.


Read the rest, it’s pretty compelling stuff.

Don’t think for a minute that this is a UK-only phenomenon, or some fringe element.

It’s not even been a year since our family lost someone to predatory faith healers.

My aunt was diagnosed with a treatable cancer, with a very high survival rate. She shunned medicine in place of (even more expensive) faith healing. She died painfully on Christmas Day last year. I share(d) a birthday with her. It was really weird when January 21st rolled around and I celebrated alone for the first time. Her husband and teenage son miss her dearly.

These ideas aren’t just affecting a cult-fringe. They kill ordinary people.

Also if you’re in the Air Force, you can take classes that will teach you how to become a faith healer.

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  • sean

    Six feet under and worm food. Could be considered ‘cured’, in a sick & twisted kind of way. Welcome to religion.

  • lordshipmayhem

    My sympathy is with you, your uncle and cousin, and every other family member and friend who misses your aunt.

    My eternal, undying enmity goes to the faith healers of her church. I hope they’re charged, if not with murder, at least with fraud and manslaughter.

    And I hope for six counts of fraud and manslaughter, if not murder, for those quacks who claimed that sending psychic messages to an invisible, impotent, nonexistent sky-fairy would cure their deluded followers of a fatal medical condition.

    And I hope they call on their superhero to testify for the defense. That would prove entertaining.

  • The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) http://scoan.org/ is the culprit.

  • carolw

    That’s just sick. Sick in the head.

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