The worst song ever was actually by an atheist

The worst song ever was actually by an atheist November 30, 2011

Ed Brayton accidentally launched an epic comment thread last week when he discussed his least favorite songs. I hate to tell you all, the worst song of all time is actually by an atheist.

Don’t avert your eyes. Make yourself watch it.

Jimmy Buffett – Fruitcakes

I used to work in a used CD store in a sleepy Florida town. Our favorite thing to do was to get buzzed and try to find the worst song in the entire store. We played this game for months.

We had a multi-disc changer so that music would always be playing, even after the first disc ended. So what started as a joke, turned into a wost-off tradition. The only rule was ‘nothing bad on purpose’.

B-sides of Paula Abdul remix single’s, obscure 80’s Central American wannabe synth-crooners, even music sold by German tourists (like David Hasslehoff)… Every few days we found a new champion.

When we discovered Fruitcakes… it remained champion (?) until I stopped working there. Several months, at least. You can’t win ’em all, atheists.

Oh, and I think this Soviet guy is statistically somewhat likely to be an atheist too:

Though this is not ‘bad on purpose’, deep cuts from YouTube also seem to violate the spirit of the game. Jimmy Buffett still ‘wins’.

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