Don’t get on the vasectomy bus

Don’t get on the vasectomy bus December 21, 2011

Vasectomy. Why do some women think it is hilarious to kick a guy when he’s down? These are friends of mine, and pretty active in the freethought scene.

Seriously, this conversation spun out of control rapidly. One woman mentions vasectomy, and all of a sudden another woman takes it too far. It seems that there really is such a thing as a ‘Vasectomy Bus’.

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Amy… yikes, your poor hubby!…

and then SUE!!! WTF SUE!!!!

**edit: FYI, there is some literature to back this up. The vasectomy bus is real. **

PDA village agents and their district supervisors helped produce an average of 20 vasectomy acceptors per operating day in the 9 months of mobile visits. A total of 4481 cases of vasectomy were recruited.

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