The atheist sign at Travis Air Force Base was vandalized again

The atheist sign at Travis Air Force Base was vandalized again December 21, 2011

This happened sometime before dawn, and is the second definitive act of vandalism.

A piece of paper was scotch taped to the sign that said “GOD LOVES YOU”. In case this had to be said, this was not part of the sign.

At least the vandals did not do permanent damage, but this is troubling to say the least. What does this say about the perpetrators? It says they don’t respect other’s or their property, fail to understand humor and irony (FSM is a ‘god’ of sorts), and lack the courage to say anything in person.

Disrespectful, cowardly, unintelligent.

What will the atheists at Travis AFB do in response?

Nothing, obviously. I don’t even have to launch into a diatribe a la ‘eye for an eye, and we’ll all go blind’. It goes without saying.

But if the perpetrators have struck one minority’s holiday sign (atheists), it’s time to start protecting the little guy. Self-identified “atheists” overwhelmingly outnumber Jewish service members. The Jewish Menorah is doomed to be vandalized by these pasta-hating potential anti-Semites, statistically speaking.

I’m so sick and tired of these radical pastaphobic Christians and their relentless War on Hanukkah.

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  • I am glad we are mature enough to deal with the bigotry in such a respectful and reasonable way.

    It will probably just make the theist even more mad when they see that we are a kind and forgiving and understanding sort… ♥

  • Charles Knoll

    I definitely agree with Montoya, we SHOULD be taking the high road. Not only as atheists, but as servicemembers. As atheists we are intelligent and rational, as servicemembers we are professional and tactful. If we didn’t take the high road we would be as abhorrent as they are.

  • Christi

    There is only one way to get away with vandalism on an Air Force Base. Be a cop. Damn SPs.

  • Mari

    What a load of crap, this didn’t happen in some deep corner of base housing…this happened on a pretty main street. Someone saw this go down and didn’t do anything. HOW FREAKIN CHRIST-LIKE of them!!! And christians wonder why we have issues with them, I’m sure your lord would just love your way of dealing with us, I think I remember something about jesus vandalizing his way into the hearts of man…..



    I’ll get off my soap box, I know I am preaching to the choir here…..BUT….

    It is one thing for this to happen to some sign in the civilian world, but I have lived on AF bases for 10 years and you can’t park for 3 minutes in an empty lot at night without someone up your ass (try buying a soda from a vending machine outside the shoppette at 2am, apparently they are for daytime use only). Vandalism is vandalism and someone’s ass better go down for this or the leadership will come off looking like they agree with religious terrorism, oh if someone had touch the precious baby jesus they would have dusted for prints!!!



    rant over

    mari out

  • articulett

    It almost makes me wish there was a little banner across the FSM saying “The FSM loves you.” (Some people may even be inspired to google the FSM and be touched by his noodly appendage–)

  • Artor

    I’d suggest adding another sign, pointing to the Xtian add-on;

    God Loves You <= (but he thinks this guy is an asshole)

  • Csrster

    This is not vandalism. This is a hate crime.

  • TimKO,,.,,

    It’s just freaking hubris. These theists are speaking FOR god which is the same as thinking they themselves are supernatural beings.

  • crowepps

    It’s my understanding from the Travis MASH Facebook page that Base maintenance has now rearranged the lighting so that instead of a blindingly bright Nativity with a bunch of indistinguishable dark lumps in the deep shadows around it, there is now equal lighting on all the displays. My guess is additional lighting will discourage continued vandalism.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    OOH, can’t you just feel the love from those xtians?

  • John

    It is strange to me how xtians don’t seem to understand how destroying things they feel is some sort of affront to their god is just a tiny, teeny step away from flying planes into buildings.

    When you point this out to the xians the smarter ones will feel ill at the realization, the dumber ones just get more defensive.

  • fastlane

    If there is 1) someplace nearby to hide a smartphone, 2) someone willing to risk it possibly getting stolen (maybe buy a cheap one?)

    I would recommend getting it set up with the camera aimed at the display and getting one of the many ‘security’ apps that takes a picture when the image changes (sorta a cheap motion detector). I suggest this, because I know how much the base police are probably willing to help.

  • Steve

    Seems like a crime of love.

  • BullMastiff

    Let me just say that as a Christian (no, I’m not putting an X at the beginning), I was highly upset that someone was offended by a nativity scene and a menorah put out for CHRISTmas. The reason I was pissed was because any and all individuals who feel offended by it will take all 7-10 vacation days off that they are alotted for the season and not complain.

    But, let me also say that I am also highly upset that someone would then vandalize the new sign. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone would think that their proper course of action is to put someone else down when they think differently. I don’t care if you believe in God, Yahweh, the trees, my dog, themselves, or that scientific machine at the mall; you have the right to your opinions and beliefs.

    Whoever saw this happen needs to be prosecuted along side the individual that did it.