Notorious ex-Navy Chaplain blesses Lowes Home Improvement stores

Notorious ex-Navy Chaplain blesses Lowes Home Improvement stores December 31, 2011

Gordon James Klingenschmitt has previously prayed for Mikey Weinstein and Rev. Barry Lynn to die soon. He recently prayed for Lowes Home Improvement stores to perform well.

Click here for the audio recording. *Warning, the first few seconds are intense – turn down the volume. In fact, this transcript is probably safest.*

Transcript of Klingenschmitt’s prayer:

Let us pray,

Almighty God, please bless Lowes Home Improvement stores for their wise decision to stop advertising for the TV show All-American Muslims, which is nothing but Islamic propaganda designed to whitewash the fact that practitioners of militant Islam not only slaughtered over 3000 American civilians, but routinely kill millions of Christians worldwide.

Bless the Florida Family Association who led the way by exposing the deeds of darkness, from Ephesians 5:11, and grant Lowes’ their greatest financial profits for standing against real violent hatred, not the fake “hate” and “bigotry” they are now accused of by terrorist sympathizers.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

You aren’t about to catch me defending Islam. Read basically anything by Maryam Namazie for reasons why we shouldn’t. Perhaps a case could be made to ‘defend American Muslims from slander’ as opposed to defending the religious doctrines they follow. But that conversation is done to death elsewhere.

What strikes me here is that the good chaplain is now using his magic powers to try to increase sales at Lowes stores. Luckily for Home Depot, magic isn’t real.

Klingonshit still uses the title ‘Chaplain’ in all of his messages. They are all bizarre and spiteful, and each of his YouTube videos begin with that same piercing high-pitch whistle. I swear he also ‘likes’ and comments on his own videos with a sock puppet account ‘healthnbeauty1’ (these videos regularly have single digit total views).

This is how I feel when I read anything about Klingenschmitt:

Thanks to facebook friend Jim M. for the link.

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