Disgraced chaplain lies, and prays that Rev. Barry Lynn dies

Disgraced chaplain lies, and prays that Rev. Barry Lynn dies January 11, 2012

Dishonored ex-chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt was fired from the Navy. His leadership documented him violating regulations about wearing the military uniform to protests and political rallies.

klingenschmitt white house

It was not about ‘In Jesus Name’, it was about protesting in front of the White House.

But Klingenschmitt makes a living lying about his situation. He’s one of those evangelicals who are so blinded to reality that they kind of lose their grip. His single-minded focus and passionate drive are responsible for conning countless people into believing him. He purposely misrepresents the circumstances regarding his dismissal.

His big claim is that he was fired for saying ‘in Jesus’ name’ at the end of prayers. His own website is called “InJesusName”, and he prominently touts his willingness to accept offers to speak to congregations around the country. Over the years, he’s actually poisoned the google search results thoroughly enough to make it look like his version of the story is true at a glance.

The facts are still being obscured because Chaplain (Ret.) Holcomb set the record straight years ago:

As reported by AU, Norm Holcomb, a retired Navy chaplain who was Klingenschmitt’s boss, sent an e-mail in March 2007 to Kentucky state officials after he discovered the House of Representatives passed a resolution lauding the disgraced Navy chaplain for “service to God, country and the Commonwealth of Kentucky” and invited him to lead a prayer session.

“I was the dishonored ex-chaplain’s supervisor for the past 2 years,” Holcomb wrote in his message. “I found him to be totally untruthful, unethical and insubordinate. He was and is contemptuous of all authority. He was not court-martialed for praying in Jesus’ name. I sent him out in uniform every week to pray at various ceremonies and functions. He always prayed in uniform and in Jesus’ name.

“He was never told that he could not pray in Jesus’ name. In fact, the issue of prayer had nothing at all to do with his dismissal from the Navy. He disobeyed the lawful order of a senior officer. I am sure that you understand that Navy Regulations forbid any of us, regardless of rank or position, to appear in uniform in support of any political or partisan event.

“We have been relatively quiet regarding our ex-chaplain’s untruthfulness and lack of honor because we are embarrassed that one of our own could display such behavior in the name of our Lord. We wanted to spare all concerned the embarrassment associated with his dishonesty. However, it now seems that it would be wrong for those of us who know the truth to remain silent. I served with him and supervised him (as best as it was possible to supervise a person who refused to submit to lawful authority) and I know about his daily dishonesty and ‘spin’ of the truth.”

The rest of that article by Jason Leopold is informative and shocking. It even goes on to mention that Klingenschmitt lead prayers begging god to kill Mikey Weinstein (MRFF) and Rev. Barry Lynn (AU). Video is available.

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  • MikeMa

    The Klingenschmitt flies again.

    Seriously, this clown has been perfecting his lying for jesus for quite a long time. Too bad more of his fellow travellers dont call him on it.

  • tuibguy

    Why do they pray for death? I had thought that their goal was conversion of their enemies. Or am I being naive?

  • Why didn’t they court martial him? I take it he is still parading around in his uniform?

  • lordshipmayhem

    I note that both of those gentlemen are still alive, thus “proving” the power of prayer.

  • Steve

    The guy is a complete scumbag, no matter what he does. To quote Hitchens “If you gave him an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox” (originally said about Jerry Falwell)

    Have you seen this:


    Truly mind boggling. He couldn’t even do his job when it wasn’t about prayer and politics. Of course he could be lying about it, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it could have happened

  • To those who noted that they thought conversion not death was the appropriate endgame of prayer, I think he’s given up on me. He did approach me in a buffet line a few months ago and didn’t throw food–so maybe he’s not that bad a guy.

  • Bill Daniels

    That lying stack of shit was courtmartialed. He was kicked out of the Navy for insubordination. He is no longer chaplain of anything. His original denomination, the Evangelical Episcopal Church (a breakaway group from the Episcopal Church, dropped him as a chaplain and he was relicensed by another group before he was kicked out.

    Ed Brayton and Norm Holcomb had a long discussion about him a few years ago.

  • Len Blakely

    Consider this clip that many of you have already seen:


    Sometimes, when a negative example is cited, it is helpful to contrast it with a positive example. This shows; that they are wrong, why they are wrong, and what right looks like. I think you were on the right track with highlighting chaplains that do the right thing and should keep this up.

    To paraphrase the film, Do you know any good Chaplains?

    I know of one.


    “At Dieppe, on 19th August, 1942, Honorary Captain Foote, Canadian Chaplain Services, was Regimental Chaplain with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.

    Upon landing on the beach under heavy fire he attached himself to the Regimental Aid Post which had been set up in a slight depression on the beach, but which was only sufficient to give cover to me lying down. During the subsequent period of approximately eight hours, while the action continued, this officer not only assisted the Regimental Medical Officer in ministering to the wounded in the Regimental Aid Post, but time and again left this shelter to inject morphine, give first-aid and carry wounded personnel from the open beach to the Regimental Aid Post. On these occasions, with utter disregard for his personal safety, Honorary Captain Foote exposed himself to an inferno of fire and saved many lives by his gallant efforts. During the action, as the tide went out, the Regimental Aid Post was moved to the shelter of a stranded landing craft. Honorary Captain Foote continued tirelessly and courageously to carry wounded men from the exposed beach to the cover of the landing craft. He also removed wounded from inside the landing craft when ammunition had been set on fire by enemy shells. When landing craft appeared he carried wounded from the Regimental Aid Post to the landing craft through very heavy fire.

    On several occasions this officer had the opportunity to embark but returned to the beach as his chief concern was the care and evacuation of the wounded. He refused a final opportunity to leave the shore, choosing to suffer the fate of the men he had ministered to for over three years.

    Honorary Captain Foote personally saved many lives by his efforts and his example inspired all around him. Those who observed him state that the calmness of this heroic officer as he walked about, collecting the wounded on the fire-swept beach will never be forgotten.”

    (London Gazette, no.37466, 14 February 1946)



  • Paul_B

    Who is Nehemiah Scudder?

  • Tom Robbins

    you know, looking at this charming example of humanity, a certain saying comes to mind, albeit modified… when all you wear is doc martens, everything starts to look like klingenschmitt’s head. Non-violently, of course. he just looks/sounds/smells like something i’d scrape off my overlarge boot.

  • frankb

    During the Watergate era a common saying was “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. That’s wrong because religion is the last refuge. Klingenschmitt is using patriotism (his uniform) and religion as a refuge and a scam. How many times have we heard of a scam artist using religious piety to fool his/her mark. Religion makes people stupid because it discourages thinking. The idea of Klingenschmitt running around attaching himself to various churches until the truth comes out is really funny.

  • MikeMa

    @Barry Lynn

    He uses imprecatory prayer to ask his god to kill people he disagrees with. Gordo is not sane. If he was pleasant to you at the buffet, he must have taken those meds.

  • Jay Benson

    As a person who worked with both Chaplain Holcomb AND Gordo, I can attest to the truthfulness of Chaplain Holcomb’s statement. I was there. None of the staff there at the Chapel liked him nor his brazen attempts to convince everyone around him he was a martyr.

    I’m not surprised he is still up to his old antics.