Last chance to dance, Dallas

Last chance to dance, Dallas January 15, 2012

If you live in Dallas and want to hear me speak, you probably need to leave your house now.

Potluck Lunch with the Fellowship of Freethought

15 January @ 10:30 AM

Samuell Grand Rec Center

6200 East Grand Avenue, Dallas, TX (map)

RSVP here

The Fellowship of Freethought, as part of its mission to promote a family-friendly organization that emphasizes education, socialization, and charity, will be encouraging its members to gather together once a month to learn from each other, share in each others’ lives, and coordinate outreach to the community. These “Gatherings” will combine music, short presentations, and special announcements all running alongside a fun yet educational youth program. Following presentations and youth activities is a potluck meal to encourage close fellowship among all members.

Monthly Theme:  Atheists in Foxholes.   We’ll be joined by Justin Griffith who is a sergeant in the US Army and Military Driector of American Atheists, and has been instrumental in planning the controversial Rock Beyond Belief concert at Fort Bragg.

I’m a Dallas-native. I was even a creationist! I wish I had the support of a group like FOF Dallas as I began to shed my religion. This group is particularly active, and even received praise for the way it handled ‘elevator-gate’ (with real life discussion).

FOF is part of the first crop of Foundation Beyond Belief partners. FBB promotes volunteerism as a way to do good, build community, and increase respect for the nontheist community.

I may be attending some other local events on this short bit of leave. If you can’t make it out to the FOF Dallas Potluck, you should keep an eye out – they are very organized and have streamlined the process of uploading their videos to YouTube.

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  • Aquaria

    I’m a Dallas-native.

    East Texas native here. Wouldn’t go back to it or Dallas unless there was 6 figures + involved. Okay, maybe 50K. If it’s tax-free. And I could leave after a few hours.

    I lived in Dallas in the early 80s; technically, it was Highland Park, but it was more Oak Lawn than HP. There was a really awesome music scene at the time. Too many great clubs and artists to list, but lots of great memories.

    I was even a creationist!

    I’m glad you recovered!

    I wish I had the support of a group like FOF Dallas as I began to shed my religion.

    I was always an atheist, but I probably would have appreciated such a group myself.

    I’d never even heard of atheists having a group in Texas until my stepfather mentioned his atheist group in Austin. But that’s Austin.

  • Bob Dowling

    So? How did it go?

  • Really enjoyed your talk, Justin! You had everyone laughing and outraged at the same time. A quality talk all around! Thank you, Anne Crumpacker