Bible stopped a bullet, saving a soldier’s life

Bible stopped a bullet, saving a soldier’s life February 1, 2012

From the Casa Grande Dispatch:

An “Awake America” rally to provide overseas troops with Bibles has been scheduled for 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. Feb. 12 at the Christian Church of Casa Grande, 1510 N. Casa Grande Ave.

I assure you that this is not a problem. There are plenty of copies of many translations of the Bible available.

Cecil Todd, founder and president of the worldwide Revival Fires Ministry from Branson, Mo., will be the featured speaker.

God's army“The … nondenominational rally is to call America to repentance and prayer, support our troops and honor our veterans,” Christian Church Pastor Dave Eleiott said in a church news release.

Revival Fires has assisted in providing more than 190,000 Bibles for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan at the request of chief Pentagon chaplains.

The church said in a news release a soldier in Iraq was saved by a Bible that stopped an enemy bullet.

At the end of each “Awake America” rally and service, a special collection will be taken to help provide 27,000 more Bibles for soldiers in Afghanistan. They cost $4 each to print, the church said.

First off, let’s do the numbers. 217,000 Bibles (including the new batch) comes to a grand total of: $868,000

Do you know how much actual armor that could buy? The bibles are not needed, Christian soldiers have access to an overwhelming number of the books. The money is being wasted, and they clearly could spend it in other ways. If not for protective gear, simply sending creature-comforts is awesome! How about sending snacks, toiletries, and other useful personal items? Candy, Girl Scout Cookies, etc… that shit is what we really want (even the Christians who politely add your bibles to their stack).

As for the bullet-bible, this is the closest thing I could find:

Yeah, he was the only one shot. God really smiled on him that day. Confirmation-bias at work.

As for the event happening, I’m a bit incredulous but it’s scientifically possible, I suppose. I’m glad this soldier is alive, and his mother sounds like a really sweet woman. But this is well within the realm of possibility, and at best is an interesting fluke. Just like in cheesy movies where the hero is saved by his father’s bullet-blocking watch. Nothing to see here. Sometimes it really does start raining when your girlfriend dumps you. (And other movie cliches play out too.)

Is the guy who got struck by lightning ten times and survived lucky? I should think not!

I took a look at this church’s website. I didn’t see the event on their calendar. However, I did see that they are one of those churches that allows addicts and alcoholics to work their 12 steps in a safe, rent-free environment. Many atheists can’t really participate meaningfully in 12 step programs (though, many can.) But it is likely that they are really helping some people with those programs. Typically, the church stays out of the process and just ‘unlocks the door’, scurrying away from the hail of swear words that come from a roomful of recovering addicts.

They aren’t breaking any laws with their rally, and they do seem eager to give back to the community. I just wish they had talked to some soldiers before wasting all that money!

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  • Randomfactor

    Is the guy who got struck by lightning ten times and survived lucky? I should think not!

    He didn’t either. He finally committed suicide.

    As for AA, their success rate is (I have read) WAY lower than they claim.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    The life of the late King Hussein of Jordan was saved as a teen when a bullet was deflected by a standard-issue military medal on his chest during the public assassination of his grandfather.

    Which proves that Allah can work miracles with less than 10% of the raw materials needed by Jesus. Or that troops should always wear their medals during firefights. Or something.

  • Randomfactor

    Teddy Roosevelt was saved from an assassination partly by the folded copy of his (long-winded) speech.

  • plutosdad

    The movie Heist was just on tv the other day, and there was this hilarious story.

    “We gave him a hard time for always carrying the bible around, until one day that bible stopped a bullet headed for his heart”


    “Hand to God, that bible stopped a bullet. And if he only had another bible in front of his face, he’d still be alive today”

  • Gvlgeologist

    Well, I was thinking that if the bible could stop the bullet, then several bound copies of Penthouse or the Kama Sutra would be better as they cover a larger area than a typical bible! Why not just make armor out of some bibles if they are that great?

  • bbgunn

    Just curious. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a MiCQB (Mormon in Close Quarters Battle) wearing the magic mormon underwear under their BDUs, ACUs, CCUs, MCCUUs or NWUs? If so, do or did they also wear a redundant body armor system?

  • gridlore

    I’m reminded on the classic Bill Maudlin cartoon showing Willie writing a letter to Margret Mitchell thanking her for making “Gone With the Wind” such a long book. Next to him is a copy of the book that has been torn apart by a bullet or piece of shrapnel.

  • BethE

    I think that they should be sending more My Little Ponies over to our troops!

  • Aquaria

    How about sending snacks, toiletries, and other useful personal items? Candy, Girl Scout Cookies, etc… that shit is what we really want (even the Christians who politely add your bibles to their stack).

    We used to send out, from San Antonio, literally thousands of packages 6 days out of 7 to the troops overseas, particularly Afghanistan. If we’d been open on Sundays, then it would have been 7 out of 7.

    Toiletries were really popular. But not as much as soda pop or other instant drinks. One mom sent her son Kool-Aid every month. What he mixed it in, I have no idea. But he was apparently a big fan of it, because he got some of it every single month. We called him the Kool-Aid kid.

    One mom apparently thought her son in Europe needed some life skills and sent him the fixings for chocolate chip cookies. For those who don’t know, the included items are required to be listed on a customs form, and one mom complied, along with a note at the end that said, “Learn how to make these cookies yourself!”

    I should have taken a picture of that.

  • I heard that story in summer camp. In 1949 or thereabouts.

    And later, in a Christian high school, in 1958.

    And again, in one of those forwarded e-mails.

    Bibles must be bullet magnets. Or something.

  • Hudson

    I don’t get it. The description is that the bullet passed through his body and then lodged in the bible. How did that save his life?

  • Randomfactor

    Didn’t save his life, but they managed to save the bullet…

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Mythbusters did a segment on Bibles stopping bullets. If I remember correctly the Bibles stopped one in three .22 caliber short (pistol) bullets, but nothing larger. Certainly not 5.56mm (M16) or 7.62mm (AKM) rifle bullets.

  • Chris

    Was he NOT wearing armor? Why don’t we stop issuing that stuff (armor)? I mean, it is so much more expensive than a $4 bible.

  • passerby

    To respond to #3…

    Also note that Teddy Roosevelt kept on speaking, with his next line being : “I wish to impart upon you all that I have just been shot…”

    Then he gave his 2 hour speech. Like a Boss.

    To be honest, the only way I see this happening is if the round cracked the plate, losing enough of its force to be stopped by the bible. That’s essentially how the ‘Phone Book Car Armor’ worked in a Mythbusters episode: The metal door took most of the force of the bullet, allowing the pages to stop up to a 5.56 round. Anything higher (Like the 7.62 of the AK47 variants) passed through.

    Then again, this could have been stopped by anything at that point: A thick notepad, an extra battery, a Ranger Bar from an MRE…

  • Steve

    It would also be very uncomfortable to wear a decent-sized Bible over your heart

  • Beth

    In December 1999, a middle schooler fired shots at his fellow students outside Fort Gibson Middle School (Oklahoma). One of the students would likely have been gravely harmed (likely paralyzed if not dead, iirc,) but that the bullet stopped in one of the textbooks in his backpack — his math book, I believe it was. (It’s really hard to find those details quickly now.) Obviously this means two things: textbooks absolutely should not be any thinner and that math is holy because that book saved this boy. Of course. It couldn’t be anything else, could it?

    I expect that if a skeptical or specifically atheist or anti-religious book stopped a bullet similarly, a number of Christians would cry it’s the devil protecting his own. I don’t recall how the math book was judged but that we in school were told we shouldn’t complain about our heavy books and backpacks because they could save our lives. I vaguely wonder if the kid took it to heart that math (or a math book, anyway) saved his life. It’s just as silly an idea, but one could argue interest in math is likely to do less harm than devotion to religion.

  • Justin:

    Re:”The money is being wasted”.

    I am confident that you understand that as being in a fiscal

    sense since you point out,in your opinion,that it could

    be used for likely more soldier physical comfort use.

    I suspect that any donations made are in a sense of obtaining psychological well being for the donor being primary & with troop satisfaction being secondary, or, am I being to harsh on donors real objective?

  • otrame

    My son’s life was saved by bullet-resistant glass in the window of the truck he was in. The bullets would have hit him in the head. I agree that money spent on armor is money better spent, but I admit to a “confirmation bias” here.

  • otrame

    “Looks like this badge saved the fellow’s life”

    “Well, it sure would’ve if it weren’t for all them other bullets flying in from everywhere.”

    –Support Your Your Local Sheriff

    (one of my favorite movies)

  • Sam C

    I was saved from being shot and killed in Afghanistan by, er, not being there, not being a soldier, in fact never being shot at anywhere at any time.

    Beats being saved by (what would become) a Holey Bible!

    Guess I’m just blessed by the non-existent super-being.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Woody Allen told the story of a young soldier heading off to war. The lad’s mother gave him a lucky bullet which he placed in his breast pocket. On the way to the enlistment camp, the soldier was attacked by an enraged evangelist who threw a bible at him – and that bible would have gone straight into his heart, had it not been stopped by that lucky bullet.

  • It would be interesting to know how many soldiers have been found dead on the battlefield over the years with the fatal round having first passed through a Bible or other religious book.

  • Just think of the money you could save by papering the troops in magic Bible verses instead of body armour. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be popular with soldiers, though.

  • dino

    Hey man, you are making a religion of atheism when it is exactly the opposite of religion. You are making some sorts of symbols that are meant to represent atheism. Then you are going on preaching and spreading atheism like it was some sort of religion. atheist does not believe in religious practices. So, I believe you got the whole concept wrong. You should really look to join some kind of religion so you can pursue your passion for propagating.

  • Sigmund

    Congratulations on that very positive BBC article today.

  • Celina

    I came from the bbc article too, just wanted to say keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Calvin and Luther Can Kick Your Atheist Behind

    I have seen the Aiden video on the Rock Beyond Belief website.

    I think it should come down.

    It could be seen as promoting hate crimes against churches.

    We just had an hispanic church vandalized where I live. (broken windows, spray painted messages) Similar crimes are in the US news fairly often.

    Atheists accuse Christians of intolerance. I listen to atheists podcasts, read their blogs, etc. They reek of intolerance.

    The video should come down.

  • Lil

    Another Brit looking in after reading the BBC article. Good luck in your endeavors – sounds like you’ll need it.

    #28 – Calvin and Luther, eh? Yes, that would certainly reek of intolerance.

  • Aquaria

    have seen the Aiden video on the Rock Beyond Belief website.

    I think it should come down.</I.

    I think you're a fucking moron. Bonus for me: I'm right.


    It could be seen as promoting hate crimes against churches.

    Only by people who can’t make sense of why images are used for the point the artist is trying to make.

    We just had an hispanic church vandalized where I live.

    Hispanics are a religion now?

    BTW: The church was attacked because dumb white people don’t like brown people. Not because it’s about religion, dumbass.

    (broken windows, spray painted messages) Similar crimes are in the US news fairly often.

    And funny how often it’s almost always white christers doing all the vandalism! Or are you the typical ignorant christer who stupidy thinks non-christers do these things?

    Hint: 99% of these events are done by you “loving” christers.

    Atheists accuse Christians of intolerance.

    Because a shitload of christers are intolerant. You being exhibit 1 of 1233984723962356823986235.

    I listen to atheists podcasts, read their blogs, etc. They reek of intolerance.

    You’re too stupid thanks to being brainwashed into the stupid of religion to understand what they’re even talking about. And look in the mirror for intolerant, dumbass.

    The video should come down.

    It’s not your fucking call to make, scumbag.

    Fuck off back to your church where you can lie and dry-hump lies about sky fairies to your heart’s content. Your stupidity and bigotry don’t get a pass here.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Sigmund #26: Congratulations on that very positive BBC article today.


  • Satanic Curses

    Hi all, well except the offence seaking, moronic faith-heads commenting. Allah seems to hate bibles, and will even go through a christian to hit one. Spotted you on the BBC website and wanted to offer moral support. Keep the pressure on (and the armour).

  • shouldbeworking

    Keep the good work up and your head down.

  • Tex

    I cant remember what book me and my brother tested this on as kids (didnt want to use a real bible as I was a bit more superstitious back then) but we made sure it was comparable in thickness to a bible. At ~50 yards a .22 LR not only went through the book, but also straight through the 3/4″ plywood we were backing it with. IDK if there’s some magic in the tissue paper they use as bible paper, but I sure wouldn’t want to trust that for body armor. Admittedly this was a paper back book and a hard back *might* do a bit better… but I doubt it.