Atheists at Travis Air Force Base have a meaningful community

Atheists at Travis Air Force Base have a meaningful community February 7, 2012

I’m extremely comforted that the lessons learned at Fort Bragg’s MASH are contagious. Once you organize, a meaningful community quickly follows. It’s amazing how fast Travis Air Force Base organized into something with tangible accomplishments, like the first ever atheist holiday display on a military base – next to the Nativity Scene and Menorah.

USAF Staff Sergeant Dan Rawlings was a part of the initial group at Fort Bragg’s MASH. He was very enthusiastic then, but when he got to his new duty station in California, he took all of the lessons with him. They now have regular events, despite the standing ban on meeting on post.

Dan Rawlings just wrote to me:

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but here is a pic of our Super Bowl pre game meeting.

MASH Travis

Despite the fact that I hate football, and am pretty much allergic to sports, and despite how terrible this picture is… this really made me happy. I’m so glad to see that other bases have proven how easy it is to stand up and form a tight-knit community. Without that, you have no organization, therefore no real feeling that you can accomplish change. Even a dozen people who regularly meet is just above the critical mass needed to sustain an atheist group on post.

“I thought I was the only one” no more.

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