How Nat Geo misrepresented the foxhole atheist ‘Doomsday Prepper’, Megan Hurwitt

How Nat Geo misrepresented the foxhole atheist ‘Doomsday Prepper’, Megan Hurwitt February 8, 2012

Megan Hurwitt is the foxhole atheist who recently enlisted in Texas and videotaped her ceremony. She refused to say “So help me God,” as is her right. She really started her military career without any shame of being an atheist – and it was inspirational.

So when I tuned into National Geographic’s new TV show “Doomsday Preppers” I was very surprised to see Megan in a starring role (or anyone I knew for that matter). I’ve kept in touch with her, but apparently not that well, LOL! Anyway, she came off like a real badass, but I was surprised by many of the things she said.

“Bullets. Lot’s of bullets.”

Near the end of this video you can see her mock the assassination of her kitty cat with a huge grin on her face.

That was taken way out context, as you will see.

National Geographic said her real reason for prepping was boring.

Justin Griffith: The scenario involving a gas crisis – Is that ‘one of many’ that you are preparing for, but perhaps the producers needed you to ‘pick one’?

Megan Hurwitt: Our primary reason for prepping, namely, gulf coast hurricanes, was deemed “not interesting enough.” We prep for any and all forseeable emergencies.

JG: What do you think the likelihood is for your particular oil-crisis scenario playing out? And what do you think the likelihood is for ‘one of many’ of your scenarios playing out (if applicable).

MH: Chances are, the only reason we would see an oil shortage in our lifetime, is if we anger the wrong countries. The chances that I will live through another katrina in my lifetime is pretty high.

JG: I think you can handle it when people ‘rip into you’, both physically and mentally tough as you are. You’re also funny. Care to share any ‘come back’ / retorts?

MH: It’s television, people. Don’t be a sucker. Do you really believe everything you see on TV?

Doomsday Sex and swear words

JG: You got bleeped a lot. You said “when the shit hits the fan” quite a few times. I don’t trust people who make it a point not to swear, or use alternate words – it’s like they have something to hide. Seriously, if someone is *genuinely* preparing for doom, how can they not be swearing with a sense of urgency? I guess my question is, do you feel like a realist, surrounded by kookier ‘preppers’ (at least on the show?)

MH: I was self-censoring for most of the shooting. The camera crew urged me to stop, and begin swearing. They shot the show to make me look crazy. In regards to feeling like a sane person among kooks, absolutely not. I know several of the folks on the show, and they’re very smart, very well-prepared individuals. They’re on the same forums as me. I have nothing but respect for the other folks on the show. 🙂

JG:(Did you also say “so don’t stand in front of the fan” ?)

MH:I did say, don’t be caught in front of the fan.

JG: You seemed to think through crisis scenarios to many of the disturbing logical conclusions that many others shied away from. I was intrigued when you suggested that unprepared women would unfortunately likely to be over-representing the oldest profession. Or as you put it, “whoring themselves out”. You seemed to almost accept this fate yourself, almost as a ‘plan Z’. I take it this is absolute survival with cold hard logic backing these potential ‘skills for trade’. Care to elaborate?

MH: Many people will surprise themselves resorting to things they would never have dreamed of, once their kids begin to go hungry and there is no end in sight. 

JG: Your message of birth control concerns was pretty funny, but it does seem like an important part of a survival plan. Even “The Walking Dead” on AMC has explored pregnancy as almost a sure-fire way to get killed in a zombie scenario. Even in your reality-based scenario(s) it does seem to still be quite an issue.

MH: BC for me is a big deal. I don’t want kids. I certainly don’t want them in a crisis scenario. The Walking Dead ep where she behaves irresponsibly does make me irate. I understand that some folks cope with crisis in….unusual ways. Be responsible about it!

JG: I laughed really hard when you danced around suggesting that “When the shit hits the fan… I’ll be prepared, and that other person will be (can’t remember at the moment… but it was funny)”

MH: The comment I made about laughing about that woman starving was tacky, and in terrible taste. I regret it. I would never wish misery on others. I joined the military to HELP people in crisis. Not gloat when they starve.

National Geographic should be goddamned ashamed of themselves – This is WRONG!

This was edited to make her so completely cold-hearted that they jumped to her smiling as she feigned shooting a cat in the back of the head, completely out of context.

JG: Why not just set the cats free? Or take them with you?

MH: That comment was taken so terribly out of context that I will NEVER forgive Nat Geo or Sharp Entertainment for it as long as live. They conveniantly left out a few key points that I discussed before and after that quote: that I would never let my bf shoot the cats. And that they asked what we would do in a scenario where there was no more food, and nothing would grow, like in a nuclear wasteland. As long as there is food, my cats will eat. Hell, I would feed them before I fed myself. My bf only means to euthanize them if the ONLY other option is to watch them starve to death.It goes to suppose in that scenario that we too would also starve to death. 

My cats are not declawed. If things go bad, but they can hunt, we will turn them loose. If we can take them with us, we will do so. I wish folks had some idea of how much we care for those two. They have two hugh cat trees that take up a lot of space in the apartment. They have two filtered fountain water dishes. They eat $50 a bag cat food. They get their shots every year, their worm pills every three months, and their flea treatments every month. They get cuddles and playtime every time they ask. They get supervised outside time 30 minutes in the morning and again at night. They are spoiled rotten. And something that Nat Geo didn’t mention? The producer offered me $1,000 to shoot my cat on camera. Fuck him, fuck the editor.

More about Prepping

Megan Hurwitt on Doomsday PreppersJG: Has your rigorous fitness regimen helped you as you started your military career?

MH: More or less. I have consistently improved on my APFT. My 1-1-1 is about 250-260 adjusted. 

JG: Are survivalists and ‘preppers’ typically religious fundies and/or ‘Mayan prophecy’ believers? What’s the strangest reason to ‘prep’ that you’ve heard?

MH: Yes and no. Most tend to be religious. Some are more in your face about it than others. I don’t believe that there is a wrong reason to prep, because being prepared is always good, and even though I may not believe in certain doomsday scenarios *coughrapturecough*, I do believe in natural disaters and domestic and foreign terrorism. The craziest reason I’ve heard of to prep was a man that believed Obama was the anti-christ, and that he would sell the world to Satan, who would reign as King on earth.

MH: Hope this helps!

JG: Quite amazing. This will certainly make you look A MILLION TIMES less crazy than people may assume. I already had the feeling you were heavily edited, which is why I just let the questions flow. Like I said, you just need your own show. You’re a badass! 

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  • I adore Megan, and admire her whole-heartedly. In several forums to which we both belong, she has proven time and time again to be a thoughtful, clever, brilliant, funny and poignant individual. Thank you for doing this interview, Justin. You two are among my most awesome friends that I don’t know IRL. <3

  • Rod Chlebek

    Wow. This was healthy to read.

  • annie

    Nat Geo is a huge disappointment to me. They sensationalize everything. As a science teacher, I loved when shows presented the world as it truly is… isn’t that exciting enough?

  • FormerlyNavy

    Seriously, hurricane prep, especially on the gulf coast, isn’t “exciting” enough? Try telling that to anyone who lived through Katrina…all of them that stayed down here were seriously wishing they’d listened and gotten the fuck out when they had the chance.

  • Alverant

    When I first heard about Nat Geo I was curious. Some part of me wondered if it was a conservative version of Discovery or Science Channel. It sure seems like it now.

  • Phledge

    Justin, I’m really glad you posted this interview. Mr Phledge watched Doomsday Preppers the other day and told me, in horror, about some wackjob who would kill her cats in the event of an apocalypse. It brought me (and Mr P) great relief to hear the real story. Fuck Nat Geo, srsly.

  • Sandman

    Errrr…..far be it from me to inject a little non American common sense here…..but didnt the fact the show was called “Doomsday Preppers” clue you in to the fact they would portray you as bugnut crazy? When you go on the same show as a pack of Alex Jones / Glenn Beck drones what the hell do you expect?

    That aside you retain my every respect for your brave stance re the swearing in routine. Well done that lass! Your military needs many many more of you, and keep up the good fight.

  • F

    Sandman, you have to realize that any particular person appearing on such a program doesn’t necessarily know who else will be included (and they do know, they might be thinking that their story will be a balance against the stories of those who are truly on the lunatic fringe), nor how they will be represented. Shit can be outright misrepresented to the participants, who don’t know what the show will really be like until the final edit is released.

  • @Phledge Seriously, what’s it matter if someone killed their cats in an “apocalypse”? I’d collect cats for the soul purpose of keeping them around until I was ready to kill them one by one as a food source, if necessary

  • Justin:

    I’m quoting MH here,”They’re on the same forums as ME.”

    IMHO,better for Atheists who perform

    or write to use correct grammar then to curse.

  • DR

    Nat Geo Channel is owned and operated by News Corp. ‘Nuff said.

  • Sandman: when the show began, it was just called “Preppers” They changed the name down the line. When I signed up, I didn’t know they were calling it “Doomsday Preppers.”

    emanuel kleinFa: By that same right, you should have said than, not then. As in, “Better for X to do Y THAN Z.” If we’re getting grammar particular.


  • As a fellow atheist and a prepper (and proud litter-changer of two feline overlords), I’m saddened by the smear job that’s been done on you, Megan. Being ready for bad things to happen doesn’t mean wanting them to, it means wanting to soften the impact if and when they do happen. I’m adding Nat Geo to my blacklist and I’ll be sure to link this story on my own blog. Thank you for your service and stay safe out there. 🙂

  • alanmairson

    Megan –

    If you’re still reading these comments, a question: Did the producer really offer to pay you $1,000 to shoot your cat on camera?

    I ask because I’m a former staff writer & editor for National Geographic magazine, and now a freelancer whose projects include Society Matters, which is about the National Geographic Society itself. One special focus: the way National Geographic’s editorial standards have changed since they sold the majority stake in the Nat Geo Channel to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

    So, before I posted anything on my site, I wanted to double-check w/you about the cat episode. (What the producer said is appalling, of course, but I’m sad to say I’m not really surprised. )

    Would you let me know either here OR directly here:

    Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.


    Alan Mairson

  • alecweil

    Well, I completed the civilian version.

    What nonsense. Besides being unconstitutional, I can’t imagine this doing anyone — even the religious — any good.

    Except of course for the psychological institute that is cashing in.

  • Jeff

    I saw the episode in which Megan appeared. I was impressed with her preps and her can-do no-BS attitude. I had a weird feeling during that whole “whack the kitties” scene. It reeked of media mendacity. Glad to get the rest of the story from Megan herself. Nat Geo can bite me.

  • Nobody

    When Sharp Entertainment approached me (Back when I had my “Surburban-Self-Reliance” website up. It was #2 at Survivalblog’s blogroll, and very successful. Unfortunately, when you live in the middle of Suburbia, with a very successful website of this type, you have to draw the line, for OPSEC), I asked them what they were looking for. They said “we want to see you conduct weapons drills, etc.”

    My email reply was “What in gods’ name are you talking about? How about this: video of me working in my garden, or running a few miles, or repairing my roof.”

    They replied, “That’s exactly what we want to show people.”

    After that, I never heard from them again. Assholes.

  • Art

    Unfortunately “Prepers, a label generally preferred over the old term of “Survivalist”, and far closer to reality as a description for most people, get associated with preparing for all the least likely events. Like nuclear war, murderous and uncontrolled nationwide civil unrest, race war, destruction of all electronic devices via HEMP, zombies. None of these are likely and a couple of them may not even be possible outside of a fever dream.

    What gets lost is that every location has a set of disasters that roll around fairly regularly. California has earthquakes and wildfires, Florida has hurricanes and other storms, the upper mid-west has blizzards and floods. Most everywhere gets tornadoes, and freak storms. Hard to find a place without natural disasters.

    Then there are the man-made problems of chemical spills, industrial plants exploding, and people who may cause harm on purpose.

    Point here is that things happen. Things we count on, depend on, like power and communications, fail. Easy half-hour drives become impossible. Bridges collapse or get clogged with traffic. The water no longer comes out of the tap. Emergency services can’t get to you to help. What then?

    Every citizen with the ability to do so has a duty to collect and maintain what they need to survive for a minimum of three day’s supply. Water, food, sanitation, medications, basic first-aid, suitable clothing and a few basic tools assembled into a kit pretty much sums it up.

    Most households can assemble such a kit from materials at hand. It needn’t be expensive. An old suitcase or backpack will work to carry your kit. A couple of gallon bleach bottles, rinsed and refiled with water, work for water. You have the clothes. Most people have a jackknife and flashlight. A few cans of soup work as emergency food.

    Guns are, in the most likely situations, one of the least useful and most expensive of tools. Misused they are less than useless. But they may be very useful in a very limited number of situations. Let your individual situation, your budget, and conscience be your guide. If you have guns you must get trained.

    None of this is radical, violent, or extreme. It is simple common sense. Hats off to Megan Hurwitt. When people figure out that the grand sky daddy isn’t going to help, no matter how hard you pray, and that there just aren’t enough emergency responders, the only logical conclusion is that you have to make some effort to be able to help yourself.

  • Tim

    I don’t know about Texas but here in PA shooting a cat that is not a threat is a felony. I hope the producers consider that they would be an accomplice next time they make an offer to someone to dispatch their house pet.

  • Ok, they made a spectacle out of her, but she was dumb enough to do it or is just publicity hungry.

    You can tell that by the attitude and the pictures.

    Make yourself a target, and guess what, you will be one! She should have been smart enough to see that if she even remotely believes that she can hack it in a a bad situation.

    In an SHTF situation, I would not want her around. She has no concept of maintaining a low profile and would endanger me and my family. End of story.


    and someone will

    And yes, I did sign in with my own name. I am a proud Christian, and for that reason only, I have violated my own rule about maintaining a low profile. No problem for me.

  • james

    Just letting you know,but Dsarti, who was also on this show, is having his fair share of trouble too.He was declared mentally defective and has had his weapons confiscated by the state of TN.

    By the way,much love for Meghan.

  • Hmmmmm

    I’m calling BS on the comment about National Geographic asking her to shoot her cat for $1000.

    They are lefty, tree hugging, animal lovers. And do you really think they’d risk PETA getting their panties in a wad over their show? No way.

    As far as the other stuff goes, I have no doubt that they edited the film to suit what they wanted us to see/hear/believe.

    That is done on ALL reality shows. I have a friend who was on an HGTV episode. The reality of what happened & what aired was slightly different – but not night and day as this woman claims.

    She got her 10 minutes of “fame”. Unfortunately for her, she ended up not looking so good on national TV. Some of the other families profiled in the second episode were normal people.

    • *coughLIES!cough*

      Yeah, “Hmmmmmmm”, maybe..

      oh, this is old now.. i just saw the show. i’ll post anyway.

      I feeling, having read Megans statements and carefully watched her segment, is:

      This interview appears to be damage control lies. or perhaps a nice repentance of her mistakes.

      (though that proposed $1000 unusable footage would be some pretty amazingly dark art, with deep cultural and emotional resonance, might be worth one cats life, depending how important you think art, or the message that people are crazy/stupid, is.)

      I’ll even take it a bit further a say she’s a very confused.

      a little sick, a little ugly. but aren’t we all. just misguided,

      probably not a bad person at heart. who is really, once you know their story?

      after reading this, i went back to the cat scene to look for edits. there was no edit to her “out of context smile”, that bit was all one continuous shot.

      but to be fair, nothing wrong with a bit of black humour, though she was kidding on the square, perhaps a showcase of her boyfriends dysfunctional relationship with the cats.

      I actually would have bought everything she says in this interview if i had not had the episode on hand to review.

      she loves her cats, but says dumb crazy stuff that isn’t well thought through. and now she wants to take it back. understandable. here she’s reacting to a painfully politically correct backlash. I love animals and hate cruelty, but fk PETA in the a*se with a fistful of frozen dog dongs, if you know what i mean.

      Basically the editing did its usual job to showcase, enhance and characature the subject, not unreasonable at all, given the point of the show.

      Theres only so much you can do with editing.

      And they weren’t even close to pushing the limits.

      You gave them all that material, dear, they just used the damning and funny stuff 😉 (P.S. megan, has anyone suggested that you may have mild apergers syndrome?)

      Note the show is called “doomsday preppERS”, not “doomsday preppING”:

      It’s really a study of people and their odd psychologies. Including the producers and writers, and indeed the society and market that produced it, if you want to analyse it on that level.

      Megan; good luck to you. i hope you find your way. if you really want to help ppl so much, be a nurse or a teacher or something.. 😛

      When/if it hits the fan, the ppl you will have to protect yourself from are these preppers with guns and every-man-for-themself-attitudes.

      GET IT? Same old story: “I need to be a gun-totin’ killer coz the country is full of gun-totin’ killers.. ” geez, what’s wrong with that logic? the lowest of human instincts.

      You’re the problem not the solution.

      One thing I can’t argue with: never wrong to be prepared.

      • Justin Griffith

        You are a strange person, with a strange comment. You come off like that, anyway. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Your illogical paranoia about my intentions, or Megan’s for that matter is clearly at play. You threaten to make the universe dumber by forcing the concept of such a thing as ‘logical paranoia’.

        You’re a disgrace to all of your fellow tinfoil hatters. Crumple yours up and chew on it (I hope you have fillings).

      • This person sounds like they work for the network. Would love to see the ip info for the comment.

      • *coughLIES!cough*

        I won’t embarrass you two(Megan and sgt towtheline) any further with a philosophical discussion, I’ll just say thankyou sgt, that was a very gentle FU, with the tinfoil and all, makes me kind of like you, even though you’re deluded and work for an organisation that kills people, I know your country did that to you, preying on your naivety, and you seem quite nice despite it.

        It’s OK, don’t be gentle, I can take it. Tho I guess you give your organisation a bad name if you’re anything but. My sympathies, as someone representing your organization online, you’re kind of backed into a corner.

        Luckily, I have no metal fillings, because a _long_ time ago in civilized countries they stopped using them, due to the brain damage suffered by people with mercury amalgam fillings. I take it you have a lot of mercury amalgam fillings, based on your reference? Does it tingle when you chew tinfoil?

        I leave you with two questions to contemplate:

        Do you actually know the meaning of “paranoia”, and,

        Who’s really paranoid here?

        the guy show says Megan is a normal flawed human in embarrassing damage control against a politically correct media,

        or Megan,

        who thinks that because I called it for what it is, I must come from the network?

        sgtGriffith: I give permission to whois my IP and tell Megan, to stop the cycle of self-delusion and paranoia.(that’s how to use the term paranoia btw.)

        Megan: perhaps you should stop undoing the damage control the nice sgt did for you. He was trying to make you look normal, now you look paranoid again, which is what ppl think about preppers.

        I’m sure, deep down, you’re very decent, and i know you love your cats 😉 But try some introspection.

        readers: ;):D

        again, thankyou

        • Justin Griffith

          She knows you are from Australia now. I had already done that. She instantly realized that part of her statement was non-factual, and was frankly relieved. You’re still a weirdo with a strange ax to grind.

    • Gonzo

      As the Nat Geo channel is majority owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (same people who bring you Fox News), it is hard to declare them “left wing tree huggers” currently. The magazine and the network are no longer controlled by the same people.

  • It wasn’t Nat Geo’s producers. It was Sharp Entertainment’s producer, Alan Madison. And while he was joking, he said it several times. Just a little fyi.

    To Hmmmm, do you work for the network lol? I have actually gotten a lot of support from the prepper community. And I wonder if you actually saw the second episode. One of the boys talked about slitting peoples’ throats or poisoning them with dinner. Normal indeed! LOL

  • Kenheins, I wouldn’t hole up with your family anyway, haha. Proud Christian, hm? Enjoy yourself.

  • Zoltanne

    Ironic that the “tough girl” attitude showed how easy it was to manipulate her. But all of this belies the reality of having the need to feed that ego to get on TV for the infamous 15 minutes, doesn’t it?

    Not smart to blow opsec. Not smart to be manipulated. Not smart to think this is helping “survivalism” and the prepper movement.

  • A dog person

    The commercial made the cat issue sound far worse than the show. You can bet I paid attention for this. Once it aired, it was beyond obvious that the cat is loved, cared for, and very content. The woman’s comments on shooting the cat sounded light hearted to be taken very seriously for an owner with such a nice relationship with her kitty. It was pretty obvious to me that shooting the cat would be only to save her/him from something even worse, and a true case of putting a critter out of misery that won’t improve.

    Only a responsible and loving pet owner would be willing to do this themselves if necessary, instead of merely abandoning their animals to probably horrendous fates as many, if not most, others will do. Megan, no worries, some of us got it!

  • Mister Scary

    So I guess the evil producers of the show also paid her to wear those tiny little hooker shorts????

  • The “hooker” shorts were my choice, and I own that. It’s Houston, in the heat of the summer. It was very hot. The low cut shirt was at their suggestion.

  • I will say this: not to undermine anything I and Sgt Griffith talked about, but I did the interview before seeing the show. The only thing they showed was the 3 minute preview, and there was such backlash from it that I was very angry. Having now seen the show (and having most of the worst of it out of the way) I am not angry anymore. Yeah, I came off as a little kooky, but it was to be expected, and what I’ve gained in connections to others in the prepper community has been worth it. We cannot all be “lone wolf” opsec driven about this. Eventually, a BOL will need a team of people that trust each other, and whose skills compliment each other, to defend themselves and what they have. Several local folks have reached out to me, and I look forward to meeting them.

    That said, thank you Sgt. Griffith for giving me a chance to tell my side of the story. For those of you who are interested in offering feedback, good or bad, here is my fan page:

    I have left the wall open (I think) so you don’t even have to be a fan to tell me what you think. You just have to, ya know, use your own facebook. If you have any questions, give me a shout there.

  • John Franks

    I think preppers, doomsday folks, etc. are fascinating – and smart. Of all things, I was reading a business/IT management guide called “I.T. Wars” – even THAT book has a last chapter called “What’s at Stake” – and discusses Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP) – and what that would do to modern society. Essentially, throwing us into a no-power, no food, no communications situation. Google “I.T. Wars.”

  • No one here either

    I could be wrong but I tend to disagree with 5, 11, 14 et al. It was my impression the producers wanted the participants to look like a bunch of conservative nutjobs, that’s why they told # 17 “we want to see you conduct weapons drills, etc.” and asked Megan repeatedly if she’d shoot her cat–although I sincerely doubt they’d show that on TV.

    However I did not get the impression Megan or the woman in the Northeast were of that persuasion. A couple of the others, well…

  • andrea

    all “reality” tv is this shlock, lookingor fake conflict and freaks. Even Dirty Jobs is now pulling that shit. I think I would have turned and shot the director had he suggested such a thing, of course at the behest of my five feline overlords.

    and nice to see a Christian bearing false witness, Kenheins. Way to go there!

  • Goldendude

    Megan, you got ambushed and for those of us in the prepper community, it was pretty obvious. Sure, you said some things you probably wish you didn’t say, but the truth is you’re better prepared than 95% of your neighbors. For a realistic scenario like a hurricane, you’re good to go. For the zombie apocolypse, well, we all have some work to do.

    You learned the limits of your fitness and I’m sure the military will help you in the right direction with that. SHTF and you’d be a welcome asset in most prepper communities (and you wouldn’t be relegated to time on your back).

    Keep your chin up and suck all the marrow out of the training opportunities that present themselves.

  • Peaches

    Smart preppers will not go on this show no matter how much money is offered. They call it “Doomsday Preppers”, as another commenter said, and you can’t figure out from the title that they are making fun of the whole ‘prepping’ idea?

    Not to mention that no one – and I mean NO ONE – knows what we have, where we have it, or how much of it we have. They might know bits and pieces – the shotguns and rifles we’ve bought from Cabela’s, or the big-box stores or prep stores might have us on lists – but we have a lot of things we’ve had given to us, we’ve inherited, or we’ve bartered for, plus we produce much of our own on-site. Not even our closest relatives who have stayed with us are privy to our caches – and it will remain so, unless they come to live with us duriing a SHTF scenario. To do otherwise merely creates or exacerbates an OP-SEC nightmare. Whether you are prepping for a hurricane, an ice storm, a long winter, an economic collapse or an EMP, the smartest thing you can do for your own preservation is to keep your mouth shut and look poor, helpless, and hapless.. just like all of those people who will be hunting YOU and your stores if the SHTF.

  • Andy

    You don’t trust people who don’t curse? I stopped reading. Please, talk to an adult.

  • I watched the original Doomsday Preppers last year and discovered there were misquotes/edits then so this doesn’t surprise me. I was actually wondering during both shows how every comment might have been creatively altered for the sake of ratings. When Megan was talking about the cats that was one that I thought there really had to be more since I would never shoot my dog unless I absolutely had to.

    What irritates me about these shows is they do try to make people look a bit kooky. Yet how many times, Rita, Katrina, 9/11, earthquakes too numerous to count, winter ice storms, do we have to be reminded that really bad things happen and if you’re not prepared you are going to suffer. So really who’s the nut case, the prepared person or the one who thinks we live in the land of Oz. We have apparently been lulled into believing that yesterday and today were fine so tomorrow will be to and we got through these disasters and we have this it will never get really bad for me thinking.

    I’m also a Christian and if Megan chooses to be an atheist that’s her choice. What I do find interesting is that Christians as a group should be more in tune with being prepared. After all, we have God telling Lot to bug out before He destroys Sodom and Gomorrah. There’s Joseph telling Pharoah there will be 7 years of famine so they spent the next 7 years getting ready. Jesus even told his disciples that if they didn’t have a sword to get one. So when people tell me they aren’t worried about any of the end times events because we’ll all be raptured I wonder if they missed the part about the Hebrews being in slavery several times and suffering disasters about every other chapter, not to mention the Bible does mention martyrs so guess where those come from.

    In the end I did learn some things from Megan that will help me and I’m glad she was willing to go on the show.

  • Terry

    “And something that Nat Geo didn’t mention? The producer offered me $1,000 to shoot my cat on camera. Fuck him, fuck the editor.”

    I’m not buying that, Nat Geo would have the ASPCA and thousands of angry people up their butts for even airing a depiction of that, they wouldn’t do something so dumb. I think Megan is bitter towards the Nat Geo (and rightfully so) and is just saying malevolent things in revenge.

  • Ruby

    This was really great. Yet another example of why you really shouldn’t believe everything you read in the news or watch on tv! Thanks!

  • “Kenheins, I wouldn’t hole up with your family anyway, haha. Proud Christian, hm? Enjoy yourself.”

    I guess we can agree on one thing.

  • Well, Megan, I probably should have viewed the show and not just read the above article.

    You have pretty well got the whole bug out thing nailed. You understand the situation. But do yourself a favor and get out of Houston, like now! Don’t make it any harder than necessary, things can fall apart within minutes, you know that.

    We will not agree on atheism and Christianity, and I hope you don’t regret adopting such a high profile, but people can learn from how you are prepping.

    Good luck to you, and I am asking God to bless you. Contrary to common belief, blessing does not imply approval, only that God is involved, and I hope He is looking out for you.

  • Retnan

    They wanted her to really shoot the cat? Seriously?

    BTW, she shouldn’t be smoking, very bad for the fitness. We don’t need any out of breath soldiers.

  • John Doe

    The show’s entertaining. Let’s keep the feedback positive if we want more.

  • John Doe

    Meg you’ve got different smarts that Peaches, whom I applaud too. I’d say you joined the winning team for any future world. The team with the most food, the most meds, the most ammo and the most law. Bravo.

  • Jim


    Megan, with all due respect, I think you looked like a complete idiot. Your plan was to head to Mexico? I don’t have the words to verbalize how ignorant that idea is. Plus, I live in Houston so I know almost exactly the route of your hike. Besides the fact that you made another unbelievable decision to park your getaway car several miles away (your mother’s garage I presume but would be drained of gas by the time you get to it), your route took you right into the heart of where every thug in the area would be congregating. You and your backpack wouldn’t make it out of the apartment parking lot. This show made you appear to be completely delusional to what you would be facing and your preparedness to handle it.

    I’ll give you credit on one thing though. You certainly seemed more together than the geniuses in the first segment. I don’t know about others but my idea of testing my compound’s effectiveness in taking enemy fire wouldn’t be from a couple of .22 rim fire rifles aimed at the solid steel corners of my shipping container house. Nice touch by the production company to flat-out lie to viewers when they dubbed in the sound of a high-powered rifle over the .22. That move alone convinced me that this show is a steaming pile of BS.

  • John Doe

    Evanglists. Be not so shamefully, sinfully self-righteous by taking up preaching where uninvited just so you can feel good about yourself. Spreading the Word isn’t about the speaker ever, is it?. Don’t be the cause of ears slammin shut. Plan to gather these souls later.

    You and yours have a special role, a duty, in the dark and woeful future to come. Gather up all the food you can afford and more. Set it aside. Plan on getting extra food. Buy farms and work the rich soil hard. Really. Tell all your friends to stock up food too. You will help feed His flock. Joyous will be the power of your gift to the needy. And that will be the time to preach peace.

  • vern

    She reminds me of a young teen ager. Full of vim and vigger, but little real world understanding. I guess she represents a segment of the prepper world, small but there’s probably a few more like her somewhere. Mexico? Really? Shoot the cat? Let the cat go and fend for itself. The stripper pole might have more value then anything else in that little room……..and the final clue, atheist. Lots to learn young lady, lots to learn. Good luck with that.

  • Rick

    I like the show. I was taking notes…

  • Megan Hurwitt

    Why do I get the feeling that some of the recent commenters STILL haven’t watched the show or even read this article. Please READ the article and corresponding comments before adding your word vomit.

    Sharp Entertainment’s producer was the one that offered me money to shoot Timber and I’ve already publicly named his name. While he said it as a joke, he mentioned said joke several times.

    Mexico=FAMILY THERE. Read the blog post, folks.

    Vern, you’re a moron if you think my $200 stripper pole is worth more than the amount of guns and ammo in those safes.

    Jim: mother’s garage? Really? You’ve never heard of a cache, have you? My mother doesn’t live anywhere near me, not by miles.

    ken, thanks for watching. We’ll leave Houston and buy a farm when the money is there. Please don’t bless me–such things are completely unwanted by me, and are just condescending. Thanks.

    The internet has too many couch critics. I’m guessing that most of the folks who have commented here don’t have two weeks of food saved up in the event of one Cat-5 hurricane. Facepalm.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Why would anyone seriously concerned with survival and preparing for major material shortages allow herself a tobacco addiction?

  • Pierce: how do you know I still smoke? I’m going off to BCT soon, maybe I quit already.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    meganhurwitt @ # 50 – Given the above picture of you with a cigarette, I must either assume that you do smoke tobacco, or our esteemed host is photoshopping or using outdated photos for what purports to be a contemporary story. Which seems more likely?

    If you have quit, bravo! (That’s what I was trying to nudge you towards in the first place…)

  • Did smoke. Past tense.

  • Justin Griffith

    I quit while deployed just over 2 years ago. Congrats Megan.

  • Scott

    Another foxhole atheist here. Of course, they refused to put atheist on my dog tags. They put “No Rel Pref” on, but I do have a preference; none. Don’t use my corpse as a tool of proselytization like you did Pat Tillman! Expect to have chaplains turn safety briefings and culturally classes (pre-deployment) into prayers. Expect to have classes at the base chapel because “it has the seating”. Expect to be forced into a mandatory prayer every time you land in Germany to refuel between home and the sandbox. Expect to get put on extra duty for not having a church to go to. Of course, I got out after two deployments, because I felt that participating in these unconstitutional wars isn’t actually “serving” our nation. Joined IVAW.

    Sorry, don’t mean to be negative. Alas, in real life, we have to weigh idealism vs pragmatism. I’m curious if she has put thought into going active duty instead of just guard. I spent 4 years reserve before going active, and I wish I had done it sooner. Everything in reserves was stifled, promotions were slot/asskissing based, etc. The reserves were a waste of time, and I imagine the Guard works much the same. Unless she has solid civilian work, going active would be something to look into. The benefits of active duty are actually pretty great in comparison to the civilian world.

  • billcarpenter

    She did very well on there in spite of the shows editing. Am I just overly sensitive about it, or does it seem odd that they managed to have that damn lit up cross in every other scene, on the one Prepper who is bold enough to let her beliefs be known?

  • billcarpenter

    Scott, they did that No Rel Pref on mine too…finally after AIT I ordered my own with “atheist” on there.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    meganhurwitt @ # 52: Did smoke. Past tense.

    Yay! Now comes the hard part – keeping it that way!

    Think: I will survive. (Disco melody optional)

  • ZR1

    Hard to believe this girl supposedly works out 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. That’s a laugh. She’s chubby and has no definition. I train in MMA 3 hours a day (3 back to back classes) twice a week and 1-2 hours a day another 1-2 days. Usually 4 days but sometimes 5, per week. This is freaking hell. Dead tired. Your body automatically becomes sculpted, w/o trying to pinpoint any body parts. Maybe this girl takes 10 minute breaks 3x per hour during her workouts. She walks like some kind of he-man into that gunshop but then while actually maneuvering during her workout, she looks like an uncoordinated, little girlie-girl. We have female fighters in our fighting gym, and after some training, they start moving like athletes with proper form. This girl is faking it.

  • ROB


    you mention apft & 1-1-1 score of 250-260….

    So what does that mean in terms of pullups / pushups / situps / 1 mile run time?

    As a heart patient who passed marine fitness requirements for an age group below mine, I can testify that the _combination_ of pullups and pushups and situps as hard as I could as fast as I could did me more good than the half assed weight lifting / working out for hours every day I did for years.

    Trust me sister, intensity is what will get you results – not 4 hours a day.

    But ignore the naysayers anyway … keep doing what you are doing!

  • wingnutx

    It’s good to see more fellow atheist/agnostic survival nuts.

    It’s a shame that they did a Michael Moore style editing job on you.

    FU AROCK 😀

  • Jeff

    Megan is not “chubby” she looks to have an athletic build. Who by now does not know that TV makes you look fat? especially the new wide screens.

    I am up in the Northwest where we have plenty of water and wild food. If I had to bug out of my somewhat secure location I hope I would end up on Megan’s team.

    Well done Megan.

  • ZR1

    Go to the gym so you can see what an athletic build looks like.

  • ZR1

    “And something that Nat Geo didn’t mention? The producer offered me $1,000 to shoot my cat on camera. Fuck him, fuck the editor.”

    She loses most of her credibility here. No way would NatGeo offer anyone this. This is pure idiocy and a lie. NatGeo has a great reputation WORLDWIDE for decades now. Why would they risk it all for such? This would be FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY. The show would be cancelled and the producers charged with a felony. And not only that, the public would be up in arms had she shot her cat on film under order. Investigations would easily reveal this alleged $1000 offer and destroy NatGeo.

  • Old Bull Lee

    You can have a little bit of fat on your body and still be healthy and fit. People have different metabolisms and body types.

    I thought she looked pretty damn hot, moderate amount of fat with solid muscle underneath. My wife is built similarly.

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  • Jason D

    It is an interesting idea of getting ready for ‘the big one’ or some extreme action and like they say you have to be preparred for the worst to enjoy the best safely.

    Some are considered cookies and that may be the case in some instances, you can see some and write to and fro and get the idea of mental problems but some are people who are smart, articulate, people who are preparing for a time when they might need this but dont have their whole life almost begging it to happen.

    Fact is being self preparred for a harsh time in your life or in your region is not such a bad thing and say that one in a million thing happens and your not immediatly vapourised or drowned then you have a chance to survive.

    I’m a little against the well armed compound menatlity when its becomes a small army waiting for a good reason to shoot the heck out of everyone close by.

    But the self defending, well preparring people who you dont feel they could wrap tin foil around their heads and go shoot about some shopping mall are just someone with a hobby that can be a lot more benefitial then collecting baseball cards (which i do)

  • My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was totally right. This submit truly made my day. You can not consider simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  • April Gaede

    And something that Nat Geo didn’t mention? The producer offered me $1,000 to shoot my cat on camera. Fuck him, fuck the editor.”

    Terry says, “I’m not buying that, Nat Geo would have the ASPCA and thousands of angry people up their butts for even airing a depiction of that, they wouldn’t do something so dumb. I think Megan is bitter towards the Nat Geo (and rightfully so) and is just saying malevolent things in revenge.”

    Terry, I have dealt with the media many many times, both local news media, national news programs and documentary film makers. What I have learned is that no matter how much you try to prepare or present yourself well these people will do anything it takes to ” make” a story. I have no doubt that the producers offered to have her kill her cat. They are sleazy assholes.

    I had a BBC journalist threaten to hit me with a log when I would not give him the answer he wanted about my twin daughters who had a White Pride band. I have had them deprive my kids of sleep, wake them up and ask them questions when I was not aware of it, torment my elderly mother with Alzheimers even after they promised not to bother her, edited my father talking on the phone about buying some antique guns to make it sound like he was buying illegal weapons, get quotes from people who had never met me or my family, etc. I have learned the only way to deal with these people is to tape everything that you say and post that as well so that people can see the editing. Of course in every case where I have mentioned that is what I am going to do, the media have canceled because they know that it will show how much they edit and misrepresent people.

    • youpeoplearecrazy

      WOW, i found a seam of gold here! famous ppl 😉

      you’re the sicko who raised those sickos?

      was that Prussian Blue?

      or are there a lot of other twin-girls-based hate-bands?

      For gods sake, give life a chance to make them better than you, before you mangle their little minds into such an ugly shape, ensuring they will never engage with society as normal people. that’s cruel. you’re like the WBC.

  • April Gaede

    What people who have not dealt with the media extensively don’t understand is that the producers of shows like this are not necessarily working directly for National Geographic. The original guys who made this are probably independent contractors who sold the film.

    They make the documentaries, then they sell them to whoever will buy them, in this case National Geographic. The guy that did one of the films on us sold it to BBC but he didn’t work for BBC, he just sold the documentary to the highest bidder.

    Those of you who think that documentary film makers have any sort of standards need to know that they are some of the sleaziest worst people in the media, they will be kissing you on the cheek and stabbing you in the back at the same time.

    • Jason D

      I have seen some of these animal planet documataries when you see the ants up close or some bug eating another one and its potrayed as being in the rainforests and its actually in a heated glass box in the cameramans own house…its like trying to say the wild gerbils of borneo and you still have the damn wheel in the background.

      They have actors potray crooked building contractors and then call the show about being a reality show about illegal contractors.

      They have had fake nests with birds eggs and then had an actor stand on them at the end of a show about birds in the inner city making their nests on roofs…they will stoop as the media does to any level not make illegal or caught and punished for, its to them ‘entertainment’ and not actual facts.

      I’m under no illustions some people are the tin hat wearing loonatics but that doesnt include everyone, we were brought up to ‘be preparred’ then hinted at as extremists when we do, we have the freedom to build 40,000 sq ft homes if we get rich but not a ‘disaster shelter’ or have a plan in place, they even have threat levels for being ‘aware’, well what the hell is this if not aware and preparred?

      They called people who were trying to fly fools and loonatics, they called people wanting equal rights for all ‘extremists’ now they take it all for granted, well the preppers tend to be ahead of the ball and if the ball doesnt happen then they got some nice museums of praparedness and if they do happen they got a lot better chance of surviving then the people whose only input was to call them extremists and loonatics

  • Hello to every body, it’s my first pay a quick visit of this weblog; this web site contains awesome and actually fine material in favor of readers.

  • Great story. Looking forward to more posts.

  • Mike

    Too much garbage surrounding your compound makes your property very conspicuous. Also, you need more vegetative cover around the property.

    • Megan Hurwitt

      Mike says:

      April 1, 2012 at 12:48 am

      Too much garbage surrounding your compound makes your property very conspicuous. Also, you need more vegetative cover around the property.


      Wrong person, crazy. I don’t have a compound.

  • Bruce

    I can not believe all the stupid comments about the cats. Megan you were correct at the beginning shoot the cats if you can’t feed them. That is the problem in American bunch of whiny cry babies over animals. Shooting a cat in Texas is a felony ??? That sound like BS maybe in some left leaning brainwashed eastern State where they give animals more rights then people. Megan you are wrong now saying you would let your cats go. Never let animals go in survival end of the world those cats will breed like rats and will wipe out the small game you could be eating yourself. Time America grows up about animals already My God most of you would starve before you learn to act like an adult and kill a cat. Yes Nat Geo would offer $1000 to get someone shooting a cat on film in heart beat those left leaning lunatics would do it for the rating then turn the footage over to Texas DA to get her arrest to boost their rating. Nat Geo is just as corrupt as any media in America this show is about showing people in a bad light. BTW who are their so called experts judging these people?? You mean the same experts that told people during 9-11 to go back to work don’t leave the building those experts? Or you mean the experts that said the housing boom would go on forever. Those experts? Or stock Market 36,000 those experts? So Nat Geo you are nothing but sell out trying to paint people with a broad brush. Paying $1000 to get someone to shoot a cat on film they would do it in heart beat.

  • I’m impressed, I must say. Actually hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you could have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the difficulty is something that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I am very glad that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing referring to this.

  • jasons

    I now Megan personally (online), and she is not some crazy conspiracy theorist type, that frankly, is what sells on TV. Reality TV isn’t so much reality, that’s for sure.

    And I commend bloggers like Justin Griffith that are willing to publish the attitudes and facts, as they are, not as they *should* be to make “good TV.”

    I’m not a prepper myself. I have been meaning to prepare for maybe up to a 10-15 day emergency, but that’s only going to help me in an ice-storm black-out, hurricane, earthquake, etc… While I more-so have the attitude that if something of the doomsday scale occurs, I will do the best I can of course, but won’t have a great chance, lol…. Disasters do happen, and it’s not exactly “crazy” to prepare. As long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession that ruins one’s life while anticipating the end, of course.

    And you know what? The extremist viewpoint *does* make good TV, I admit it. But this good TV comes with a price. The misrepresentation of people to make them seem as crazy as possible, when they are simply being prepared for the unknown, which they too call unknown… As well as in the broader sense, miseducating the public. When most people turn on the TV, tune into the History Channel for example, that is their primary source of education. Hearing about Ancient Aliens, is the furthest thing from education I can imagine. Just as an example.

    Sure, let’s try to make interesting and marketable TV… But let’s retain our ethics as well. And find that great material *without* resorting to dishonesty!!

    Megan is not nuts, even though National Geographic TV would like to have us thing so. I personally know her, and until I heard that she was going to be making this appearance on the show, I had *NO* idea that she even *was* prepping. Not to say that preparing for unforeseeable disasters is automatically discrediting either. Just that it *CAN* be.

    She isn’t preparing for some kind of 2012 *interpreted* “prophecy.”

    Just for real-world events, that I think we can all agree are *POSSIBLE*. Does anyone know that something *will* happen? Nope. JUST the same as I don’t know that I’ll ever be in a disastrous earth-quake either. But nevertheless, I’m going to be preparing my 10-15 day emergency “kit.” I’m just not going to sell my house and car to buy a nuclear fallout bunker with a high security rating. That’s the difference between healthy preparedness, and an obsession which harms a person’s life before any disaster occurs. If it doesn’t destroy the life we have now, then I can’t condemn anyone that prepares.

    But that’s just the matter of preppers. This is about media ethics, and blatantly misrepresenting people, just to make a “good show.” It’s not right. If you have to lie, harm others’ image, to make your show good, then it wasn’t much of a damned show to begin with, and might as well be cancelled with the rest of the trash out there.

  • Rob Barnard


    The Liberal says” hey, I don’t believe in your God, so lets take away your rights to believe that. Screw freedom of religion.

    The Conservative says” Oh, well that’s your constitutional right not to believe in my God. That’s your right not to practice as I do.

    • Justin Griffith

      What do you get when you combine Rob Barnard with a piece of shit?

      Two pieces of shit!

    • Jason D

      Actually as a liberal im all for people being able to follow their god of choice, but when people were in new york protesting against the potantial for a muslim temple it was the right wing doing it.

      The media organisation that was doing the most protesting was fox so why would a liberal be against other faiths?

      You comment is a 180 degree twist of the facts.

      I’m also agnistic but being a righty youd probably not understand what that is…it means i believe in a god, just not your god, exactly the same as a muslim, hebrew, jew, buddist, etc.

      This is one nation under god..nobody said christian god…your hatred of liberals just shows your ognorance of facts because your fox wound brain cant make sense of actualy differences without evil being involved

  • Vic

    NatGeo started this shit end of the world thing. Go fuck yourself NatGeo. I wont be watching for a long time.