Chaplain: “Life without faith is like a tree with out roots”

Chaplain: “Life without faith is like a tree with out roots” February 9, 2012

Remember, ‘Spiritual Fitness’ has NOTHING to do with religion. It’s about team spirit and human spirit. Check out this video, then check out the Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center.

Please help us abolish this mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and training BS.

You can help by participating in scientific research. It only takes 10 minutes.

**EDIT: I also posted a collection of hilarious responses to the chaplain’s statement that “life without faith is like a tree without roots.”**

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  • Faith is the active substitution of belief for knowledge.

    I prefer knowledge: my training was adequate, I am centered, I can do this, I know my crew or team or squad has my back.

  • What about Teen Spirit?

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    If the good Chaplin is right, I am kinda surprised that I still haven’t dried up and shed my leaves after all these decades of rootlessness.

  • “Are you Christian?”. There, said it for them. The military spiritual fitness training videos make every effort to *not* say “Christianity”. They know they can’t, so they have to use generic terms like “spiritual”, and “faith”. One video did use the term “god”, but that term can be assigned to *any* deity of *any* faith…hell, it doesn’t even have to be a monotheistic faith.

    Doesn’t fool me a bit. They’re doing everything they can to cloak their true mission: make military service a part of your faith. The Islamophobia that is rampant in this country has many xtian faithheads all hot to trot about End Times. This ridiculous and paranoid delusion is the real source behind this training program. They know they can’t come out and say “we’re a Christian Nation” because that would give the game away…

  • F

    Life without faith is like a tree without Dutch elm disease.

  • Cuttlefish

    Faith is the thing that allows people to venture out on the ice.

    Here are the results of faith in one state:

  • Gordon

    I did the civilian version and had to rate almost every video with the lowest possible score.

    “Human spirit” morphed into “a higher power” with scary speed.

  • Ed S.

    @#2 – I smell it.

  • Erik

    I took the civilian version of it, and it’s any indication of what you guys have to take it’s little more than an infomercial for religious belief. I rated every video very low and had basically the same problem with all of them. They don’t even attempt to really give something an atheist or humanist could fully agree with.

  • TheDukeOfHighwayJ

    Actually, the army site has a link to which, although I never say before, is a pretty good one.

    But its still a bogus program. I can however, appreciate the Army’s desire to maintain a program to address a soldier’s “larger” questions and issues. Not an easy task.