How does this Marine tie his shoes? In little Nazis.

How does this Marine tie his shoes? In little Nazis. February 11, 2012

Chris Rodda has an amazing post about this image.

The official story is that all of the Marines thought the SS stood for Sniper Scouts.

Now I do believe that could be true about most of them. But at least ONE had to purchase this flag. Chris Rodda explains how she tracked down the exact website that this was purchased on. Guess what they mainly sell? Nazi shit.

Obviously the Marine Corps doesn’t want or deserve an association with the Nazi SS. I think it’s sad that one hateful bigot set all of these guys up for failure. That guy should not be given a free pass, and a claim of ignorance. He needs to be investigated (in a meaningful way).

Screw damage control at this point. Get the bastard.

Read Chris Rodda’s post for more details… or pretty much any newspaper because it seems to have gone viral. Mikey Weinstein and Chris Rodda at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are on the front lines of the culture war. So you should hear it directly from them – they are getting major praise for exposing stuff like this. Keep it up MRFF!

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  • Forbidden Snowflake

    The last link (the MRFF one) is borken.

  • Michael Schore

    I’m sorry but I think these guys knew exactly what they were doing. How does one go through life and not see one documentary or movie about WWII that didn’t have this logo depicted. Simply not beleivable. These implied fascists are the kind of soldiers that made me end my service to this country.

  • Paul Weaver

    In the Army, we’ve been saying “Perception Defines Reality” for over a decade – I first heard it in 2001 before deploying to Kosovo.

    The claim of lack of intent is just more whitewash BS – it doesn’t MATTER what their intent was, all that matters is how their use of a symbol, inextricably linked with the very worst of the most infamous Fascist regime in history, was perceived. Quite obviously it was perceived in a very negative light – the consequences should reflect this.

    This is partly one Marine who apparently thought Nazi crap was “cool”, and should be brought up on charges of discrediting the USMC, and partly a serious leadership failure, which should be dealt with in a likewise severe manner.

  • P Smith

    Put aside discussion of the flag buyer for a minute. All the other people in that picture were either:

    (a) uneducated bumpkins who have never even watched the history channel, never mind read a book about World War II, or

    (b) they knew full well what the runic “SS” meant and were proud to take part in the picture.

    How could there not be a single person who was both appalled by the flag and kept his mouth shut? Is peer pressure that bad in the marines that someone would willingly take part in something offensive just to fit in? Or is being ignorant of history a requirement for military training?


  • To be honest, I was unaware what that particular style of lettering meant. If you hadn’t said it stood for the Nazi SS, I’d have thought nothing of this picture

  • Gary, that’s understandable (but really surprising, you must know very little about the second World War). However, as both Sgt. Griffin and Ms. Rodda pointed out, it’s pretty much impossible to buy that flag without knowing exactly what it is.

  • Robin

    I’m still trying to decide which is the MOST disturbing facet of this story. That whomever purchased the flag was so stupid/insensitive they didn’t realize associating with Nazi symbols is not a good idea, or that the brass think civilians are so stupid we’d believe their spin. This is so bad on so many levels. But in defense of the Marines, please remember that the rock band Kiss used this representation of the double s in their logo. Kiss is old history to the current generation, if a rock band can use this logo why can’t they.

  • Jake

    I served with USMC scout snipers back in ’04. A binch of the guys had the “SS” tattooed on them but they had it done so it didnt look anything like the Nazi SS. They all said that they knew what the nazi SS stood for and they made sure that no on could look at it and get the wrong idea.

    These guys should have done the same thing.

  • Kim

    i suspect this highlights a need to improve how world history is taught in highschools. I was once teaching at a local community center (in Canada) and we shared storage space with the high school seniors who has been developing the spring-break camp that was being run out of the center.

    The camp name was approved and advertised as the Crafty Children’s Club – an alliteration that happened to match the name of the center and so was considered good all around.

    Of course by the time they got around to buying and labeling stuff for the camp one of the students had decided that the Krafty Kids Klub was a cuter name and so everything was labelled KKK. Copious quantities of black ink were consumed to fix the problem when this was pointed out.

  • Justin Griffith
  • Josh

    shut the f*** up, seriously, who cares. It’s a free country, they can stand in front of whatever flag they want. Your PC ass doesn’t matter in the slightest, they’re out there fighting for our freedoms and you want to take away theres? You ungrateful sobs, get out of America.

  • Josh


  • Seamus Ruah

    Josh – Logic fail.

  • Don

    Josh – first off, “fighting for our freedoms” – really? Which ones? I can’t think of one freedom we have that depends on illegal invasions of sovereign countries or the slaughtering of their civilians.

    Second – Yes, they CAN stand in front of whatever flag they want, but they are SUPPOSED to be representing the United States of America, not the fascist Catholic regime of the Nazis.

    What would it take for it to bother you, Josh? If they were all wearing Iron Crosses and holding the head of a dead Jew in their hands, would that be okay too?

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