Foxhole atheists and the Pabst Yellow Ribbon campaign

Foxhole atheists and the Pabst Yellow Ribbon campaign February 29, 2012

We just sent out this press release. You should definitely help out by sending it to all of your media contacts. You’ve got those, right?

We’re getting hammered with the same question right now. Sorry about the confusion. The only way to book a room at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux is by calling them directly 910-323-0111.  Mention the Rock Beyond Belief festival for the group discount on March 31st.

Their website is giving false information.


There are plenty of rooms left. But you have to call them!

(how to buy a foxhole atheist a beer AND feed the homeless at the same time – below the fold)

Party time

By the way, even locals might be interested in getting a room there. We’re having the American Atheists official after-party there (details TBA). It’s free, and you can hang out with much of our lineup. Suggested donation = canned food / non-perishable items. Fort Bragg denied us the ability to collect food and give to the homeless, as they consider it an act of ‘fundraising’.

We have to do the food-drive at the hotel off post. But that’s cool, because unlike the festival, alcohol will be available! You like booze, and atheist ‘celebrities’ don’t you? Get a room and buy the foxhole atheists that beer you keep meaning to buy.

Pray for the troops stickers are dumb, buy troops a beer instead

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  • Can I buy you a decent beer? (Pabst? Blech… what are we, in college?)

  • I wish I could be there, but I’m on the wrong continent.

  • Robin

    Was looking forward to coming to the rally. Unfortunately my car has had other ideas. Now that I’ve got it running well enough to drive it to NC, the $ hit to the wallet won’t allow it.

  • Justin:OK! I won’t waste money on a Yellow

    “PREY” wrist ribbon. I prefer to donate to “RBB” anyhow.

    Surely there must be snail mail address that a check can be sent to? A Postal Box will do. Please publish this info.

  • lordshipmayhem

    There is a big international brewer’s convention going on. One evening, the heads of the major breweries all go out to a restaurant for a meal.

    Each brewer chooses a product from his own brewery: the guy from Labatt’s orders a Labatt’s Blue, the guy from Coor’s orders a Coors, the guy from Heineken orders a Heineken, and so on.

    Until, that is, we get to the guy from Guinness. He orders a Coke.

    Everyone else is astonished. “We’re drinking our own employers’ products, why aren’t you?” they demand of him.

    “Well,” he explains modestly, “the rest of you guys aren’t having a beer, so I figured I shouldn’t, either.”

    Hey, dammit, buy those troops a beer. A real beer.

  • Tony

    Katherine @1:

    It’s funny you say that about Pabst. I’m a bartender in Pensacola, and we sell a *lot* of PBR. I’m not a beer guy (never have been, doubt I ever will). I much prefer some tasty vodka, or a good red wine. I’ve asked a few people what is so good about PBR. The answer is typically a combination of “it tastes good” and “it’s only $2”. Why couldn’t the makers of PBR have sell $2 Dude Vodka??

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