Blogging causes stiff little fingers

Blogging causes stiff little fingers March 3, 2012

Or maybe the other way around. This anthem from ’77 punkers Stiff Little Fingers seems to reach down into my body and demand that goosebumps erupt in relentless waves along my arm – itself ending in a clinched fist, pumping like a metronome.

Perhaps it’s not your thing though. Whatever. Music is like that.

Lyrical highlights:

They take away our freedom

In the name of liberty

Why don’t they all just clear out

Why don’t they let us be

They make us feel indebted

For saving us from hell

And then they put us through it

It’s time the bastards fell

Don’t believe them

Don’t believe them

Question everything you’re told

Just take a look around you

At the bitterness and spite

Why can’t we take over and try to put it right

We’re a suspect device if we do what we are told

But a suspect device can score an own goal

I’m a suspect device the Army can’t defuse

You’re a suspect device they know they can’t refuse

We’re gonna blow up in their face

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  • Japheree


    I love that song and it does much the same for me. I also think it has an added element of genuine anger as they weren’t just some punk band from suburbia with middle class problems but were making brilliantly angry songs right in the middle of the worst of ‘the troubles’ in Norn Iron.

  • Justin:

    The”Why can’t we take over”line, it seems to me, just emulates the

    Christian & Muslim “DOMINIONIST” takes on what would be an ideal society.

    I much prefer a “live & let live” approach though I realize that

    my preference will need to be sought after, worked for & possibly even fought for.

  • grumpyoldfart

    They sound so angry – and strident.

  • Graham

    emanuel kleinFa: the next lyrics after the ones you don’t like are:

    Please don’t believe us

    Don’t believe us

    Justin: a stiff little finger was a quick test to see if rigor mortis had set in. I hope you don’t have that.