Bragg announced the atheist event on Facebook. HELP! Troll Patrol!

Bragg announced the atheist event on Facebook. HELP! Troll Patrol! March 20, 2012

I’m so proud of Fort Bragg’s embrace of the atheist festival. They just posted it prominently on their Facebook page, as promised.

Predictably, the trolls are already out. Please, help us.

[edit: please note there is a 2nd post that desperately needs some of your help!]

Melissa wrote:

“I have been praying for this, pray that when this man gets up to speak that only Gods words comes out of his mouth that what ever he has prepared to say doesn’t fit to be said that the Christians of Fort Bragg have prayed so hard that God is so powerful on that parade field that me Richard can’t speak his words and that day he meets Jesus right along with the 5000 other people they plan to have there My prayers are with you non believers that one say you will come to know Christ he is here waiting for you”

John wrote:

Well I don’t really care about people’s religious preferences, however…. People need to research the acts they approve before they try to label them as “family oriented” I’m not going to spoil the fun but some of those bands would have to tone it down so much to be considered “family friendly” that you may as well book another band..

These people are passionate. They are not idiots. They just don’t understand. It’s our job to show them that we are in fact not the baby eating church burners that Fox News led them to believe.

My response:

John, that’s a misconception. You can buy all of Aiden’s albums in exclusive walmart only special editions. Like all Walmart music, these are clean versions. That’s what you’ll hear on our stage.

If you engage them, do so respectfully. Even if they don’t return that favor. Don’t bring emotions to this. This is a mission. This is the front line of the culture war. It’s too important to resort to ad hominem or emotional retorts. Just use your intellect. Or simply say “Thanks Fort Bragg!”


There is another post over on the Fort Bragg MWR facebook page that needs some civil dialog from our side. It got way out of hand because everyone was / is still focusing on the first post.

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  • If I could post a comment without having to join Facebook, I’d have written: “There are atheists in foxholes; but there are no atheists hijacking planes and flying them into buildings. Remember that next time you call atheists ‘the enemy.'”

  • Courtney

    No we aren’t idiots but your followers who are promoting this event sure seem to think we are. It disgusts me that you would claim to be family oriented when you all can’t even speak to someone without cursing at them. Why in the world would I want to hear a lick of what you have to say when you can’t even treat me with respect. You would think that the foundational piece of communication would be respect but one of your forefront promoters Lance was cussing at people, calling them trolls, saying they were idiots on the FMWR page. Thats really a way to win people over to your views. If you don’t want people to think that you aren’t church burning baby eating sect then maybe you should consider being more humane. i have no problem hearing others people beliefs. I support gay rights, I treat my fellow man as equal but I refuse to be treated like garbage by any member of a religious sect simply for what i believe in. the way to influence others isn’t through hate and it certainly isn’t through fowl language. for that reason alone id never get your organization any respect. how about you call people by a respectful name and not trolls. its incredibly degrading.

  • Chandra

    Courtney, you must not post a lot or a troll yourself. Troll is a common term for someone who is disruptive for the sake of being disruptive. Also the festival is celebrating a lack of religion. No religion. Sans religion. I also doubt he was clucking or quacking at anyone, it would be foul langauge, not fowl language.

  • baal

    Please see also, Poe’s Law

    I goodly number of posters will not be Christians in good faith. Saddly, you can’t tell the real from the ones faking it for a lark.

  • Steve

    Not idiots maybe, but Melissa is the perfect example of why I consider many Christians to be mentally insane

  • Jasmyn

    The funny thing about what Courtney said was that Lance never cursed or called her an idiot (although he certainly did insinuate it). The only person who I saw curse posted early early on and then he edited his own post.

    @Courtney, if you see this, I really think you need help. I’m not being rude or patronizing. You seemed genuinely concerned about this, like to the point where you experienced very real fear. You also mentioned the filth surrounding you even at the commissary. That wasn’t relevant to this event at all, but you mentioned it. I truly sympathize for you. I can’t imagine living with so much fear and trepidation about the world around me. There are plenty of resources on post. You may want to get in contact with FRG.

  • Shadow

    Dear Atheists,

    I’m skipping this thread, for the most part, but…stop feeding into the “moral values” of the religious fanatics posting to this thread. They are setting their “moral values” for you and by arguing their game on your purity…you state to them that they are correct in those stated “values”. If you are against the b.s. of the religious right…skip out on recognizing the, supposed, intelligence of it. Yes…talk with, debate with, have an accepting of agree to disagree opinions with those who have differing religious(Or non-religious) opinions than you, BUT…skip on responding to the religious right wing trolls on this site and send them packing with their comrades at Westboro Fanatic Church. Discuss with the mentally competent, skip on the mentally unstable. ‘Nuff said, minus..No, you fool trolls on an Atheist thread acting like tweens, I won’t be checking this thread again, but I think you are total douches too(That about covers what you expect as you stab me in the back, or front, as done to your “savior”. P.S. Buh-byr…no really…buh-bye to fanaticism that takes up entirely too much space in articles on the net and the news.

  • Missionaries and missionary workers are a blessing to the whole world, I wish poeple would give them more credit for the work they do. Great post thank you.