Foxhole atheists need you at Fort Bragg, NC today!

Foxhole atheists need you at Fort Bragg, NC today! March 31, 2012

BRB, changing the world.

Please come to the Main Post Parade Field today for the groundbreaking Rock Beyond Belief festival. It’s the first time we bypass the chaplaincy’s ban on atheists meeting on post. We still have years to go to fix that problem, so please stand with us while we have this crazy opportunity.

Foxhole atheists are fighting for your rights, please return the favor. Simply show up.

The rain should pass by the time our event kicks off, but please feel free to bring towels/blankets/ponchos/umbrellas as necessary. This is an outdoor event on a well-kept field. No dogs, booze, drugs, weapons. Coolers are fine. Bring cash, ATM is far. You will be directed where to park once you arrive on post.

Richard Dawkins, The Red Coats are coming to america

Last chance to dance!

Bring canned food to the after-party (Fort Bragg wont let us feed homeless veterans.) After party is at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux (call 910 323 0111 for reservations if necessary.) All events are free and open to the public.

Thanks everyone. May this be the first crack in the stained-glass ceiling.

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  • Best of luck, Justin!

  • Rachel Medley

    I’m rooting for you Justin! Getting ready to head on post shortly to get ready for the jump, let’s just hope the weather clears in time. I’ll be there either way!!

  • Derek

    I’m stationed overseas so can’t make it. But I’m pulling for you, Justin!

  • catsto

    So sad I’m not there. Am cursing the virus for taking host in my body and making me sick. Like Derek, am pulling for you and hoping tons of people show up.

  • navinjohnson

    Why is it a “crazy” opportunity? It SHOULD be a non-issue. When Christians want to meet on the base for whatever reason its a non-issue. It should be a non-issue for non-belivers as well!

  • My family and I really wanted to go but were unable to. its really awesome that this is finally happening. Hopefully this will be one more brick out of the wall. Kudos to those that are there. You are witnessing history in the making.

  • annie

    Wish I was there. I hope everyone is having a great time!!

  • Slithy

    Justin, I can’t attend as I’m in the UK, but I wish you all the best from across the pond.

  • SilentSacrifice

    Wishing y’all the best!

    -A sailor in The Gulf

  • Morgan

    SO jealous I’m in Japan and not back at Bragg…Wish you all the best!

  • As a British atheist who has been following Justin and others atanding up for what is in the end no more or less than just fair play, I hope this event is a success.

    One of the heartening things about the whole story is that some, if a minority, of forces chaplains – those without any real power – actually get the point.

    All the very best, and you, Justin, and some of the people you have written about, are remarkable people for standing up for truth and fairness, at some personal cost.

    David B

  • echidna

    All the best from Australia. Cheers!

  • SherryH

    I was able to come out for a couple of hours. Wish I could’ve stayed longer, and made it to the after party, but I’ll take what I could get!

    Heard a bit of Richard Dawson’s speech, got to see the Golden Knights come in (and thank one of them for being there). I got to shake Ed Brayton’s hand, and the same for Surly Amy of the Skepchick blog. I saw you, Justin, but there was no way I was going to interrupt you at the event you were busy coordinating just to fangirl at you. Big, big, BIG thanks to you for making this happen.

    Big kudos to Ft. Bragg for their part in today’s event. Without fail, every single person in uniform I talked to was polite and helpful and made me feel welcome. I’d like to write a thank-you to the Powers That Be at Ft. Bragg – who would I direct that to?

    Forgive me if this turns out lacking in coherence. I’m still a bit fried from the sun and the drive. TL;DR: Thanks for Rock Beyond Belief, and I’m glad I was able to be there for at least a little of it.

  • Any idea what the attendance numbers were like?

  • F


    “Fried from the sun” might explain the the otherwise unexplained appearance of Richard Dawson. 😉

    I wish I could have been frying there along with the rest of you.

  • gwen

    I hope you filled the field and all had a great time. Wish I could have been there!

  • SherryH

    Ack. Dawkins, not Dawson… Good grief.

    Thanks, F, for catching that!

  • N. Nescio

    RBB made it onto Reuters US News:

    Hope it was a blast. Well done, Sir!