Good Riddance to The Atheist Experience

Good Riddance to The Atheist Experience April 1, 2012

Ever since I moved my RBB blog over here to FTB, I’ve really started getting into The Atheist Experience TV show because they also have a blog here. I didn’t know about this very cool show before, and I’ve been telling all my friends to check it out. But I won’t be watching it anymore!

Up until now, the show has been sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin, which I thought was a super cool group of atheists who were putting out a great show. But now they’re selling out to — you aren’t even going to believe this — FOX News!

I know we all need money to be able to do what we do. RBB would never have been possible without the funding that we got. But we got our funding from a freethought foundation — people who really support us and what we’re doing! We never would have accepted money, as much as we needed it, from people who just wanted to use us to bolster their image of being “fair and balanced!” That’s all FOX is doing, and I can’t believe The Atheist Experience is going along with it! I don’t care how much money FOX offered them. They should have stuck to what I thought were their principles and turned it down.

The people at The Atheist Experience are trying to spin this into something that will be good for the atheist community, saying that an atheist show on FOX will help remove the stigma and misconceptions about atheists among FOX’s mainly Christian audience. But that’s a load of crap. They’re doing it for the money and everybody knows it.

So I say good riddance to these sellouts. They’ll be leaving FTB in the next few weeks, because their contract with FOX says that if they want to continue their blog they have to move it to the FOX website (obviously so FOX can get the ad revenue from it).

I really thought these Austin atheists were very cool, but apparently I was wrong. They’ve found a way to make money off of being atheists and don’t care who that money is coming from. What a bunch of losers!

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