Child abuse advocate – Pastor Sean Harris – is full of shit

Child abuse advocate – Pastor Sean Harris – is full of shit May 4, 2012

By now you’ve probably heard about Pastor Sean Harris endorsing violence against children who demonstrate homosexual behavior. He lives here right outside of Fort Bragg. He’s a retired Sergeant Major – but don’t let that influence you, he’s batshit crazy. He’s gotten in shouting matches with our atheist group members that stretched on and on for hours – in public.

He’s an intolerant bigot that many Christian groups are now rushing to help us put in his place. The upcoming MASH Fort Bragg’s protest is getting bigger and bigger.

I think I’ll just leave this here.

If you are local…

join us! 

If you are not local…

support us – Spread the word! Perhaps, update your ‘Facebook timeline’ cover photo’s to use this image:

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FYI – Soldiers should NOT wear uniforms, or speak to any media as if they represent the US Army or the DoD.

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  • Steve

    Check out the clinical definitions of antisocial personality disorder aka sociopathy. It fits this guy – and a great deal of other megachurch con men – perfectly. The compulsory lying, the superficial charm, the barely contained anger, the evasions when confronted, the lack of empathy, the failure to take personal responsibility for his faults.

  • To The Rest of America From North Carolina

    I blogged about this the other day– after reading all of his blog posts and listening to several sermons; to include the full version of the one that’s circulating the airwaves.

    I would bet a thousand bucks that his penis has seen the inside of a glory hole– somewhere, somehow.

  • Done! Changed FB cover photo.

  • Justin Griffith

    @ #2

    I’m not taking that bet 😉

  • Robin

    @2 @4, not only that, he enjoyed it!

  • Why is (I presume) Harris’s wife in all these pictures? As far as I know, her innermost opinions on beating up one’s “effeminate” boys and dressing up girls so they can do their job of being visually appealing and pleasantly smelling for men, haven’t been publicly proclaimed from any pulpit.

  • If you listen to the full sermon– not just the blurb, and take some anti-nausea meds first– he mentions regularly telling his son that the child’s mother is the only reason he’s still alive.

    Nice and jesus-y, that guy.

    Of course, as an atheist who also happens to not be a bigot, I have even more to be concerned with than one stupid baptist preacher with a penchant for anon glory holes. Now it comes out that Tam used christian legal defense to write legislation.

    Where were the news journalists and this story?

  • Sensible stuff you have got here. I was visiting mention this to an honest friend of mine.