An Atheist’s Speech for Christians (Todd Stiefel at Fort Bragg)

An Atheist’s Speech for Christians (Todd Stiefel at Fort Bragg) May 26, 2012

Todd Stiefel is an influential philanthropist who funds an astounding number of innovative atheist upstart projects. He also has decades of business experience, giving him that rare quality-control that our movement needs. We’re forever in debt to him for giving us a chance at the first Rock Beyond Belief.

Todd is also an excellent public speaker, and was right at home on our stage. He took the opportunity to direct his speech towards Christians.

An atheist’s speech for Christians:

I hate to admit it, but I missed Todd’s speech (and most of the entire event) because I was so busy. This was refreshing and inspirational. Thank you Todd – not only did you make it all possible, you made it good.

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Todd writes:

This speech is specifically directed towards Christians so that they can better understand what atheists and humanists stand for. If you are a freethinker and have family/friends that do not understand what we believe and what we work for, feel free to share this video with them.

Recorded at Fort Bragg, NC, March 31, 2012 during Rock Beyond Belief. Thanks to Ed Brayton for the great introduction. Special thanks to Scott Burdick and his team for the video footage.

For more info:

FYI – this is the first time I ever met Todd, in late 2010. I had to heavily modify this picture because I was in uniform. Todd’s in the middle, I’m on the far right. If you click to embiggen the picture – you may even catch a glimpse of Bruce Lee (another famous atheist).

Also appearing are members of the Triangle Freethought Society that were instrumental to making RBB a success – Amy, Joey, and Fred. I’ll miss them all very much as I transition to wherever the hell I end up recruiting.

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