A 4 year old is taught to gay bash! And the parents love it

A 4 year old is taught to gay bash! And the parents love it May 30, 2012

Indoctrination of bigotry and hatred

I couldn’t sleep and began perusing the internet trying to find something to pass the time when this caught my eye. I happened upon this accidentally and found it so utterly horrifying that I had to share it.

Here below is a video that has gone viral in the last 24 hours. It’s a video of a CHILD no more than 4 or 5 years old condemning homosexuals. The worst part is when the room full of adults stands up and cheers!!!

Now I’m no expert on the Bible but I’m pretty sure I know more than the vast majority of believers out there. If my memory serves me correctly their “savior” preaches a whole lot about love and not judging people. Also if memory serves me correctly Jesus never once talked about the gays.

The 13th Apostle

It must be the 11th commandment from the Apostle Paul: Blessed are those that persecute the gays. The Apostle Paul NEVER MET JESUS!

I know that might be a tough pill to swallow for some of the fervent gay-bashing Christians out there. Paul was a Jewish murderer who spent his time hunting down and killing people who converted to Christianity because he was paid well by the Romans to do so. Then one fine day he suddenly had an emotional breakdown and converted to believing in Jesus and founded modern Christianity as we know it today.

Here’s my beef:

Paul hated a lot of things sexual. He hated the act of sex. He hated the thought of women being empowered. He hated homosexuals. He hated the mere thought of men and women having sex but I guess he thought it was better than masturbation.>>>REALLY!

Man, I wish the entire Christian movement would have followed that dogmatic belief. I wouldn’t have to worry about this conversation piece right now. But I digress…

That man wrote 2/3 of the New Testament and his extremism is what guides the majority of the Christian movement today. The Apostle Paul was even disregarded by Peter who was supposed to be “the rock of the church” according to the words of Jesus. Why is he such a big influence on the religion? Because he was a damn good organizer!

So because the Apostle Paul was a homophobic sexually insecure douchebag and authored the majority of the New Testament people are bound by his interpretation of bigoted hatred in order to fulfill the edict to live “good christian lives”.

What can you do?

We all know that these actions are absolutely reprehensible and wrong. You can start by contacting this church here. Let them know that these actions are absolutely and unequivocally disgusting and that you want them to come out with a statement condemning such acts. You an also write letters to their pastor here:

Apostolic Church Pastor – Rev. Jeff Sangl

1114 W Westridge Parkway Greensburg, IN. 47240

*Correction to the address*

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 644, Greensburg, IN 47240

You can leave a message here:

1 (812) 662-8224

I know I personally will be calling and speaking with the pastor. Speak out against this atrocious act. I am asking you to react in a non-violent approach. Hate mail and hate speech will accomplish nothing.

-Paul Loebe

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  • joan

    Isn’t it punishment enough to live in Indiana?

  • unbound

    The really sad part is that many christians will look at this and say how it is indeed bad, but that they don’t do it. Thus they will never recognize their own intolerance and hatred.

  • dave

    Jesus DID kind of allude to homosexuals, in my reading. I forget the verse, but he says that two men will be lying in bed together, and one will be taken away. To heaven or hell, take your pick. Also two women will be ‘grinding’ together, People generally say, ih, men used to sleep together all the time back then, but, it can easily be read another way. I see it as Jesus saying there’s just as much potential for sin and redemption in either man or woman.and one will be taken away. So, yeah, it’s not an automatic disqualifier.

  • Paul Loebe

    I spent 25 years in church and never read that verse Dave. Please give me the verse.

  • Dave is referring to Luke 17:34

    I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

    Luke 17:35

    Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.


    Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    But iirc this is all referring to revelation, and these are the passages used by folks talking about the rapture, so clearly SOME homosexuals are gettin’ raptured.

  • Incidentally, if you’re interested, the Bible Thumping Liberal has written a lengthy series of articles on this passage and its antecedents in the OT.

  • The kid is correct and ain’t no Christians going to heaven either, and no atheists, no Jews, no Hindus, no Muslims, etc. You can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist.

  • Nele

    Dave is referring to Luke 17:34

    I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

    That does not necessarily have to do with homosexuality. Most part of history up till an astonishingly recent time, beds were used by two or more people at the same time, regardless of their sex. In the early modern times it could happen to you that you would be put in the same bed with a complete stranger, als Aenea Silvio Piccolomini described in his travel reports. As you can read in Melville’s “Moby Dick” this was still a possible practice in early 19th century Nantucket.

    I think, this passage has to be understood in the same sense of “two people meet, one will taken, one will be left behind” as the other two examples.

  • Paul Loebe

    I was about to echo the same sentiments Nele. In many of the middle eastern countries this is still socially acceptable for men to inhabit the same bed, especially during long journeys or when they are traveling far distances.

    Dave you are taking the verses far out of context. I see nothing in there that alludes to homosexuality. I’m not sure how you got there. I have only ever seen those verses referred to when referencing the rapture.

    I’ve read those verses before but you are the first person I have ever met that has taken them as sexual references.

  • I just want to make sure. How do we know the information you provided is actually the same church in the video?

  • Nathaniel Frein

    Paul Loebe, you should check out the link provided. I’ve just spent the last half hour skimming the content and I’ve bookmarked it for later. The arguments Goetz makes from historical context are actually rather compelling.

  • Paul Loebe


    Thank you for your concern. I will address that this evening.

  • kennypo65

    Teaching hatred to a child; is there a greater “sin”? These assholes can be parents but a gay couple can’t.

  • robin

    I’m from this area. I know damn well I am not safe here.

  • That’s a nice post.

  • I have a question for the father of this child, presumably the one who was heard yelling in the background, that’s my boy! When your son grows up and goads one of his fellow school students into committing suicide or is arrested for beating a flamboyant homosexual to death in an alley someplace, will you stand up at his trial and yell that’s my boy then?

    I’ve said this about others before and I’ll probably end up having to say it again. Since Pastor Jeff [Teach ’em Hate] Sangl and the people of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle profess to believe in Christ, may Christ have mercy on their souls. Because were it my decision, there’d be a special place at the right hand of Satan reserved just for them.


  • iknklast

    I have a bit of problem with the idea that Jesus preached love and tolerance. Although that is present in the words attributed to Jesus, there is plenty of the opposite, as well, with Jesus judging and demanding judgment (yes, and even hate). I don’t like to see us cherry picking through Jesus’s words to make him out to be what we’d like to support any more than I like the other side cherry picking. The fact is, there is plenty of red meat for both sides, but only by ignoring the parts favored by their opponents. You may not get the hateful messages sitting in church; those are often skipped over in favor of the church’s preferred message. But they are there, and we should quit trying to convince Christians that Jesus actually was a much more loving and sweet guy than they are seeing him. We should just be very adamant that Jesus is irrelevant, and that his dictates are not the words of any God, loving or otherwise.

  • Second question: if the maker of this video did not prime us at the beginning, would we have still heard “no homos in heaven”?

  • Cathy Creswell

    I sent a message thru their webpage. I don’t know what it will accomplish, but at least I spoke up. Other videos like this have surfaced, and because of sharing on Huff Post, and other gay friendly sites people have sent emails, snail mail and called churches involved. The pastors involved have made statements, not always apologising, some back peddaling, but they know they are being held accountable and that’s what makes the difference. The more heat we put on them (all homophobes who post such things), the more we change our world.This is this eras’civil rights crusade.

  • Please don’t contact the church. They won’t listen. I came from a background like that, and they’ll see it as persecution, which they will quote verses about and see as affirmation from God that they’re doing something right. Yes. Persecution will affirm (in their minds) that they’re doing the right thing. See “Westboro Baptist Church.”

    In other news, I think that in many places the Bible IS right. Those folk, however, are wrong about it. This is not the Jesus I want to follow.

  • bryanfeir


    You have to be taught to hate and fear,

    You have to be taught from year to year,

    It has to be drummed in your dear little ear,

    You have to be carefully taught…

  • Cathy Creswell

    Too late, already left reply. The pastor and his wife have left town on a ‘vacation’ due to death threats and hateful comments. For the record, what I said to them was respectful. Hate breeds hate, If we are going to reply, we need to take a page out of Ghandi and Martin Luther Kings notebooks on how to peacefully protest.

  • Jasmyn

    That’s pretty messed up. If I’d called anyone a homo when I was four, my parents would have scooped me up and spanked me. Derogatory remarks towards gays were not allowed in my home. Rampant homophobia is a big reason why my family didn’t attend church for very long. I feel sorry for this kid. He’s a baby. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He just knows that he gets positive reenforcement so he’s going to keep it up. It’s unfortunate.

  • Matt Begley

    It’s not just unfortunate, it’s child abuse.