Follow up to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle

Follow up to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle May 31, 2012

Interesting developments…

I attempted to contact Apostolic Truth Tabernacle and their pastor Reverend Jeff Sangl to no avail today. I called but the voicemail was full. Apparently I was a little late in attempting to contact them.

They have updated their site as linked above and put out a new message on the front page. It does not excuse acts of the past however and in an attempt to reach out I have created a video asking Rev. Sangl to answer some questions for me.

 Looming questions

I’ve had a few people ask me how I was sure that the video actually occurred at the church in question. Well I was not the individual to actually do the research or break this story but I was the one who got it quite a bit of media coverage. The research was done by an individual who has a barely active twitter account under the name sockymonky. I have no idea who this person is but he certainly had his work cut out for him (I assume it’s a him due to the name Mike).

This is a screenshot from their now defunct facebook page. That, along with several pictures from their website, clearly identify the unique design of the worship hall. This worship hall is identical to the one in the video.

Additionally the picture of the pastor on their website closely resembles the individual on stage with the child while he is singing the anti-gay song.

Investigative journalism?

These are all unconfirmed but here’s the scuttlebutt:

  • Chad Woodall of Greensburg, IN uploaded the videos to youtube. It is unknown whether he is a member of the church or was trying to expose it.
  • He is friends with Jeff Sangl on facebook.
  • It was uploaded under the account Funnyman1972. (The video is no longer active–It was rumored to be taken down by youtube for “hate speech”)
  • This link will take you to where the video is. It now appears as private.

Whoever you are sockymonky thanks for exposing this vitriol and hatred!

I await your response Reverend.

-Paul Loebe

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  • Uncle Glenny

    The disclaimer added to the church’s home page seems, to me, to implicitly acknowledge that this is the right place. Also, some readers may not be aware (even though this has gone pretty viral) that this town was the site of a suicide as a consequence of bullying a year and a half or so ago. Further links within:

  • Good luck with them getting back to you. I, for one, would be interested in your interview!

    I’ve gotten to the point were absoultly NONE of the news like this ever gives me the mildest sence of surprise…. saddly.

  • Chuck D

    Good luck on them getting back to you. It has been my experience with things of this nature that you will forever be caught in the I’ll get to it tomorrow stage. I sincerely hope that this is not the case. Good luck.

    On a side note, speak up a little next time. It was very hard to hear you, and my computer setup has a really good sound system. It was difficult to hear. Past that thanks for the information, and I hope to see more of this.

  • The Man

    As if the Reverend owes you or anybody else a response???? Get over yourself! You’ve got your bully pulpit … he’s got his. This is America! You forgetting?

  • Paul,

    Chad Woodall is a member of that Church. He thought it was funny and cute. He also uploaded it again, but deleted that account today when I pointed it out. I’m the guy that originally found the video on 5/23, researched for a week to determine source/Church and then posted on JMG Blog. I post as SockMikey

    Greensburg, Indiana Peaceful Protest – June 2012

    Was able to identify because he used the Funnyman1972 ID to originally post it. A google search for “Funnyman1972” found an email of A Spokeo lookup of that email found the name Chad Woodall. A review of the videos of Funnyman1972 and MyGamer9 channels (that he was using) yielded screen prints that he was “Chad from Indiana” and all his children’s names. A review of Facebook was able to link all the individuals back to him. A relative of Chad’s “liked” the church in question on his Facebook. Searching pictures of the Churches website yielded the match of a picture of the interior of the Church to the “anonymous” video upload. 🙂 BINGO Church Identified

    I grew up in an Independent Baptist Church environment not far removed from that Church in theology. That video took me back to growing up gay and the internal conflicts it caused then and later.

    I also uploaded some screen prints of Chad R. Woodall (Shelbyville/Greensburg), In. Today at the link above at JMG’s.

    SockMikey/Gay Mensan

  • Tania Cogdill

    Hello presently there, I found your site by means of Google whilst looking for a similar topic, your internet site came upwards, it looks great. I’ve saved it in my google social bookmarks.

  • Truthbetold

    Biblically gays are an abomination to God.

    In other words according to the Bible, they are going to hell.

    This is not hate speech, this is what the Christian scriptures.

    Since you are an athiest, you should not believe in hell so whats the problem???

    I do not hate gays but according to my Bible they will only be accepted after repenting and turning away from their ways, like every other sinner.

    Leave this church to preach what they believe in.