Don’t be this guy

Don’t be this guy June 9, 2012

Please, don’t be this guy:

Which one of you made a YouTube video on how to photoshop? You accidentally taught the ‘illustrious’ YouTube commenters how to make shitty infographics!

I see typically far-right ‘anti-socialism’ (welfare queen) surprisingly mixed with typically far-left anti-nationalism (fuck the troops!) There’s also some smug gay-bashing going on here… Westboro? No, they only use MS-Paint for their signs. This is something new.

I made this as a reply, in case this new thought disease takes off. Click to embiggen.

I’m all for the freedom of speech. If you want to say dumb stuff, great! If you want to say it to me, that’s cool too. I wont ban you. At most I’ll simply reply with why what you’re saying is dumb.

This is where I’ll be directing incoherent ‘anti-military’ thugs that still choose to comment here from now on. If the above graphic doesn’t apply to you, then the quote below will.

[If] you have such a problem with the role of a soldier, then make their job obsolete. I doubt you will find many of them objecting to never having to fight again.

Thanks, reddit.

Still not convinced? Too ‘punk’ to vote or some other similar social trap?

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  • lorn

    A big Fuck-you too that guy.

    But there is a grain of truth to it, no, not the ‘legitimate threat’ part. The fact is that the military is essentially, and quite deeply, socialistic. A soldier that needs a vehicle goes to the motor pool where they keep the collectively kept vehicles. Most bases of any size have a place where soldiers and sailors can inexpensively rent recreational equipment and seldom needed gear. If you want to take the family canoeing they have the canoe, and grill, and backpacks. If you are planning a backyard party they have the awnings, the sound system, and folding tables and chairs. For little or no cost you can borrow a shotgun, golf clubs, fishing rods, lots of stuff.

    Soldiers and sailors, and their families, shop at the not-for-profit PX, Navy Exchange, package store, grocery store, and gas station where the base price is a little cheaper and, on top of that, they don’t pay sales tax. Uniforms and healthcare are highly subsidized.

    The military has one of the biggest and best universal healthcare systems in the country. A system that is not-for-profit. I grew up in a military family and although it has changed the fact is that as long as you are talking about active duty military healthcare and dental is not anywhere near the worry it is for civilians.

    Irony is that the armed forces of the nation that is the biggest advocate of free market capitalism uses socialism because it works.

  • Think this guy has issues with The Gay much?

  • John

    I have to wonder if you understand that word, socialism.

  • Justin Griffith


    Shhhh… you’re going to scare away the 2 people who will actually pay attention to the lyrics for the Billy Bragg song.


  • I believe at least part of what That Guy was doing was satire, but the gay bashing thing wasn’t cool.

  • GibberishWord1

    Stuxnet totally wasn’t us 😉

  • blind jim

    Why waste time with a reply? It is easily ignorable, no one cares about morons and their troll attempts.

  • @#7 Good question. Basically, I needed a place to send the trolls. I’m ‘too free speech’ and too much of a rookie to counter them with tried-and-true strategies such as ‘forum moderation’ and to understand the utility of ‘banning’.

    I’m not popular enough to attract flamewars regularly, but I do get this particular flavor of trolling often enough to finally illicit a response. Plus I really liked that quote from reddit and wanted to steal it.

    [/too honest]

  • It makes me think the original creator was being very sarcastic to counter the bullshit conservative “socialism” claims of the right.

  • Bruce Gorton

    Somehow this came to me while reading this piece (and listening to the song) thus you get to suffer with it.

    Bad poetry ahoy!

    On the troops

    Support your troops

    By diplomacy and trade

    That helping hand overseas

    That lending of aid

    Speak of peace

    And live your word

    Live a life of victory

    Not of the herd

    He speaks to me with yellow ribbon shit

    About the sacrifice of the bullet

    Thinking destruction the wages of war

    That such is what is fought for

    Such is the satisfaction in his voice

    Armies for death by his choice

    His patriotic fever dream nightmare

    And the latest made up scare

    The immigrant, the liberal, the gay

    Taxes and torment and dismay

    Declares war for the nation’s rights

    Votes against them as fear bites

    A Bible in one hand his heart another

    While stepping on his brother

    Though he will claim so as he stoops

    He does not support the troops

    Support your troops

    By building with passion

    Make a nation worth defending

    Living in compassion

    Be fearless

    For they on the wall

    Will fight for their lives

    And the lives of all

  • carolw

    Fuck yeah, Billy Bragg! He’s got a good lefty song for every occasion.

  • Holms

    Slight necro post perhaps, but if you want a poignant anti-war song (bonus: from someone that can actually sing), try ‘I Was Only 19’ by Redgum.

  • Holms

    Ugh html fail. That was supposed to be a link rather than an embedded video. Oh well.

  • Rutee

    Did you just bring up nuclear threat and Saddam to justify our military? Because the former isn’t something you can do something against unless you have super powers, and the latter has always been less of a concern in my day to day life than homophobic idiots and death during an auto-accident.

  • David D. Davidson

    I actually like the original picture more than I disagree with it. The main objective of it is to get people to stop blindly worshiping troops as some sort of higher caste. So many people do it, and troops even demand it, going as far as empty threats to physically harm you because they’re offended that you used your free speech (that they claim they’re protecting) in the wrong way.

    If I believed in objective morality anymore, I would have stronger views. When I did believe, I tried to follow the Non-Aggression Principle 100% (all government is aggression by definition)…but I suppose I can be more pragmatic these days and admit that there’s a possibility that the troops meddling overseas could have produced more good accidents than bad in the chain of events.

    But at the end of the day, I don’t give a single extra fuck about any troops I don’t know personally than any other stranger on the planet. Furthermore -Whether or not pure anti-statism is possible- I still recognize the Federal Government (like all governments) as nothing more than a legitimized mafia. And it’s doing more bad than good these days. And I know that the US Military only enables them to continue (After all, they get a biggest piece of the extortion pie after Social -Ponzi- Security and Medicare/aid is taken out).

  • Killing for Money Aint cool

    Those threats still dont seem “legitimate” too me. Just more chasing invisible boogeymen, or in this case “terrorists”.

    we topple governments, and force “democracy” on them, and then when they vote somebody we dont like we go back to war with them. Newsflash, thats not how democracy works.

    You guys create the problems, so that when the problem arises, we can send you guys back to fight more. You arent doing shit for us, because while you guys are over seas your bosses are stripping more and more of our rights away (NDAA & Patriot Act)…. and you know what they use to justify passing these things. The same scare tactics you use in that picture as “legitimate threats”