Jessica Ahlquist to speak at Rock Beyond Belief II

Jessica Ahlquist to speak at Rock Beyond Belief II June 14, 2012

If you don’t know…

Jessica Ahlquist is the brave teenager from Rhode Island who stood up against her school, her town, and her state to get an unconstitutional prayer banner removed from her school that had been standing for 49 years!!!

Since she came out to fight for and defend the constitution she has received numerous threats and insults from the religious right but has not waivered in her resolve or backed down in the least. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have been that brave at her age and even she is someone that I can look up to.

 I’m stoked

I reached out to Jessica and she responded almost immediately that she would be more than happy to come to the Rock Beyond Belief 2! And you should too…unless you hate the troops of course. 😛

-Paul Loebe

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  • Priscilla Parker

    What does she have to do with the military? Are there any projected speakers that actually have a tie to the Marines or the military?

  • Timberwoof

    Soldiers are citizens; they can hear people speak whom they invite, right? I would like for soldiers to exercise their rights of citizenship and to interact with the citizens of a country that has a fine set of basic rights—their country!

  • Paul Loebe

    Well I’m a marine. I like Jessica Ahlquist. She received a lot of condemnation for standing up for her beliefs as have I. She supports the troops and I asked her to speak. I don’t see what the issue is.

  • AtheistAthlete

    Priscilla, if you know of anyone with strong ties to the military and who is also a prominent and positive figure in the atheist community please let us know so we can invite them.

  • Ferrous Patella

    Evil Little Thing!