Two star general does the Macarena

Two star general does the Macarena July 15, 2012

This is the highlight / blooper reel for the 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) [counter-intuitively shortened ‘1st TSC’.] This is where I have worked for 4 years. We just said goodbye to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dowd, and he will be missed. He was always trying to show the human side of being a general. Often, he’d go out of his way to interact with the enlisted ranks as much as possible.

One of my soldiers, Specialist Kelsey Jeffers, created this video montage for his going away party. It was a huge success, and they played it over and over. “Hey, put on that video with me doing the Macarena, again!” A friend of mine eventually just put it on an endless loop.

You can see me for a second or two at the :27 mark on the far left. The Macarena starts at about 1:00.

From the description:

1st Sustainment Command (Theater) has racked up quite the highlight reel while Maj. Gen. Dowd was in command. We bid him farewell and wish his family luck in their future endeavors. The images of him interacting with the troops show a human side to the military that is much needed to an Army comprised of men and women that have been fighting wars for over a decade.

No copyright is claimed for audio (or awesome dance moves like the Macarena)

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  • ‘Tis Himself

    I love how the guys are picking up the stretcher and roll the “victim” off of it.

  • Justin Griffith

    You probably can’t tell, but that was HEAVILY bleeped. That was one angry sergeant – she was pissed (and hilarious).

  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    Like don’t you use straps or duct tape to keep people on stretchers?

    • Justin Griffith

      Straps were there… but not properly attached. You should have heard that full rant though – it was an amazing string of rapid fire vulgar insults.