GTFO my facebook, ‘god not allowed in schools’ t-shirt

GTFO my facebook, ‘god not allowed in schools’ t-shirt December 16, 2012

Yesterday, I released the ‘fixed’ version of that horrible t-shirt. You might have seen one or the other. I was shocked to see that the original photo had been shared on facebook 300,000 times. Unfortunately, it has more than doubled.

rage comic god not allowed in schools which explains shootings

It’s a start, anyway. I hope people seeing the ‘fixed’ image are actively posting it as a response to the original nastiness wherever it crops up. On a large enough scale, this strategy could influence the real world norms of acceptable discourse.

The original statement has serious implications for god.

  • 1) No Omnipotence – god isn’t powerful enough to evade a school system ban.
  • 2) No Omnipresence – god isn’t inside the school, so god can’t be everywhere.
  • 3) No Omniscience – he didn’t see this coming?

I once saw a reddit submission titled “What it’s like being a Christian on reddit.” It was a link to this picture:

fighter jet about to be clobbered by several missiles - caption says "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT"

Let’s make facebook like that. I’m not saying you should strike first or attack your family all day. Just don’t shy away from correcting stupid or hateful memes with ‘fixed’ versions.

LEFT: Dear god, why do you allow so much violence in our schools? - student. "I'm not allowed in schools" - god. | Right: If you aren't allowed in schools, you must not be very powerful. Humans can boss you around? NEW RULE: You're not allowed on t-shirts either. -me

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  • Snowshoe the Canuck

    Great idea

  • Stacy

    Maybe God could stop violence in schools if he wanted to. He’s just passive-aggressive. We don’t kiss his ass enough, he lets our children be slaughtered. Wasn’t that the deal with the Canaanites?

  • Ichthyic

    you know, there’s an even LOWER level of stupid to the god not in schools thing…

    NOTHING stops the children or the teachers from being christian in school. The ONLY thing prohibited is teachers using school time to promote a specific religion, period.

    it’s like, a serious WANT to not actually understand what the first amendment actually fucking says!

    you will not change minds of people that think like that, any more than you could argue your cat into breathing water.

  • billyeager

    Quick question, why doesn’t God make sure it’s only ever Atheists that do all the murdering? He’s kinda shitting on his own doorstep otherwise.

  • Acolyte of Sagan

    Quick question, why doesn’t God make sure it’s only ever Atheists that do all the murdering?

    Because we’re immune from the influence. We know that the voices in our head are called ‘thoughts’, and that we have the ability to act on them or not.