Dolly the cat has been adopted!

Dolly the cat has been adopted! December 23, 2012

Fort Bragg area animal rescue, Thundering Paws, has found a new home for Dolly! You may remember that my wife rescued and nurtured this (then) very pregnant abandoned cat for weeks. We were about to move and Dolly needed a home. In an extremely unfortunate turn of events, a man who was temporarily fostering her in place of his sick mother, attempted to drown Dolly the cat.

At one point he claimed the cat was ‘from hell’ and ‘evil’, though he may just as easily have been cruel without intending religious implications. Either way, it was still animal cruelty. The circumstances of the deaths of all of her kittens don’t seem to add up as the rare case of feline infanticide that the man claims. We’ll never know. To my knowledge, no action is taking place in regard to the police reports that Thundering Paws filed. Apparently it’s difficult to prove that she was drowned, because there is no obvious scarring. Her tragic experience is the type of thing that can’t be accurately predicted, only reacted to. On that note, Thundering Paws reacted in an extremely responsible manner.

She’s a sweetheart. Her new owners fell in love with Dolly without knowing the back story first. My wife said that at a recent Thundering Paws adoption event, a family looked at several cats before Dolly arrived (with the second batch of rescues). They said ‘she’s the one’. After learning the heartbreaking story, and the efforts of the Thundering Paws rescue, they signed up as a new foster family. They’ve gone through an extensive background check, and are clearly the right home for Dolly.

pregnant mama cat, now called 'Dolly'

Congratulations, Dolly!

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  • chrisho-stuart

    Bravo! Best wishes to Dolly from my cat Koryungi — who was rescued as a kitten from a building site. Her Mum was a stray, and was later captured and found a new home also.