Military members, does your PX / BX sell these awful items?

Military members, does your PX / BX sell these awful items? January 12, 2013

I’ve been getting reports of questionable items available at Post Exchange / Base Exchange stores on military bases. We’ve had mixed luck in the past, for various reasons. What we’re looking for are certain books way beyond the standard Bible-variants (365-day, various translations, etc.)

Specifically, if you see anything from David Barton on a military base, such as The Jefferson Lies, contact me immediately. Take pictures if possible, and let me know where and when in your message.

David Barton the Jefferson Lies fixed: pinocchio liar nose and hat

Also, keep an eye out for clothing lines that carry evangelical messages. I’ve got some very specific reports in from Texas bases, and I want to see if it’s systemic. T-shirts that simply have chaplain-related mottos are generally not what I’m talking about (though extreme messages should be documented and sent to me ASAP.)

Watch out for amateurish banners for questionable religious activities of all stripes. These advertisements are not supposed to be up at a PX/BX:

Ad for an evangelical bible camp aimed at kids on US Navy bases

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