Check in from the Middle East

Check in from the Middle East January 25, 2013

So back in the States…

I’ve been gone for quite a while and am always flabbergasted at the ridiculous level of nonsense that the American News Media focuses on. Since I’ve been gone President Obama was reelected, women can serve in combat roles, taxes have been raised on the wealthy, we are coming to terms with our government debt, far too many people have been harmed by gun violence, thousands of innocent civilians are killed by American drones, and do you know what I see on the news for hours on end:

Beyonce lip syncing?! That dominated the news for HOURS. Wow…just wow… who cares?

Meanwhile in other parts of the world…

I’ve been pretty busy bouncing around to different parts of the world walking, running, hiking, shooting, eating MRE’s, and sleeping in the dirt. Occasionally I do get a nice meal on ship and I’ve even gotten the chaplaincy to work with me in giving me access to the chapel for all the atheists and freethinkers to meet at.

Honestly, the chaplaincy within this command have been very supportive of my efforts to meet with other freethinkers and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them. We get to meet weekly and more often than not we end up spending half the week meeting up together outside of the meetings as it is.

Back on the West Coast…

Rock Beyond Belief 2 is rearing up for a fight from what I hear. I’m actually not allowed to be a part of it and I think I’m not supposed to say that but I’m beyond the point of caring. I was originally told I could deploy and have ZERO to do with the event or I could get dropped into a non-deployable status and do the event—for those of you who don’t know that’s pretty much a backhanded career-killer in the Marine Corps. They gave me the option to either sacrifice my career and do the concert or give up my religious rights and do my job…all within an entirely legal loophole. In the Corps non-deployable=bad Marine.

So I juked. I tossed the ball back over to Justin, Chris, and the team I built up and I’ve been floating around the middle east and running through the desert occasionally. I’m not actively involved with the event as it is but since I am friends with Justin….well friends don’t let friends stay uninformed. I’m looking forward to being back in a few short months and we’ll see if this event unfolds into Rock Beyond Belief the concert or Rock Beyond Belief the lawsuit. Who knows?

Semper Fidelis

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