Top 30 terrible comments about atheist soldiers on

Top 30 terrible comments about atheist soldiers on January 25, 2013

Illegal modifications to a military chapel in Afghanistan were abruptly reversed thanks to American Atheists. They had installed the only known church steeple in Afghanistan, and cut giant crosses into the doors of the ‘religiously neutral’ building. At night, light would emit from the crosses on the doors, shining like a miniature searchlight.

Yesterday, Fox News Todd Starnes wrote an article that piggybacked the excellent NBC coverage that broke the story. These comments were all posted at Fox News in the last 24 hours. In no particular order…

foxnews comment - atheists and fags will get their way

I know it’s not very easy on the eyes, so the rest are below the fold. The last one will probably *shock* you.

foxnews comment - maybe the Christians should let the atheists and homos die for our country foxnews comment - go build your own churches if u dont like crosses on a chapel

foxnews comment - morons and terrorists foxnews comment - thanks for the wise words vanilla ice foxnews comment - the world will be cleansed cool story bro foxnews comment - jesus will rapture us faster than you can take down the crosses foxnews comment - when the terrorists come for him see if he gets religion foxnews comment - the only good atheist is one already in h-ll foxnews comment - if you dont like the symbols dont look at them

foxnews comment - this country may very well experience the wrath of god foxnews comment - america founded on in god we trust gtfo we the people foxnews comment - the only problems are atheists and muslims so screw them foxnews comment - WWJD fail foxnews comment - we are on the path to a fourth reich foxnews comment - whoever complained should get his ass kicked and barracks justice

foxnews comment - we just need to kill more muslims foxnews comment - homosexuality is violent behavior two people assault the dignity of each other foxnews comment - devil running rampant in his last days and all of the dummies follow him  foxnews comment - crybaby bigot should be treated like a second class citizen foxnews comment - christians will be endanger of extinction foxnews comment - it might offend hugh heffner foxnews comment - jesus christ its not the end of the world oh wait foxnews comment - will end badly without the protection of god foxnews comment - we are there to show them who the boss is - this is cowardly foxnews comment - morons and terroristsfoxnews comment - it is amazing that a jew is president of american atheists2 foxnews comment - the pentagays are too weak2 foxnews comment - god help is hard to find2

I saw a lot of great counterpoints, and some pretty dedicated counter-trolling. I’m not sure where Bob falls on the spectrum, but this was my favorite ‘good guy’ comment.

good foxnews comment - they should be reprimanded for this

I promised you that I’d save the most shocking for last.

nbc comment - sgt joel muhlnickel I hope you find a muslim bullet

Notice the different font? That’s because this one – arguably the worst –  was actually posted at the NBC article. How’s that for a twist ending?

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  • annie thomas

    That was painful to read. I don’t understand how Christians can hate Muslims so much, when they share the same god. And their hatred for atheists? What do they care if someone doesn’t believe the same myths as them? Mind Boggling.

    • Annie – You know what else was mind boggling about this? The fact that because of this, I can say the words “I pissed off Sarah Palin.”

      Or as Avicenna put it: “it’s not every day that you piss off someone widely considered to be a Yosemite Sam level of stereotyping.”

  • procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now

    Good job on the pissing off of Sarah Palin Justin. Thanks for a job well done.

  • From a fellow Atheist: You definitely have the patience of a saint (pun intended) Justin. It was amazing how polite and reasonable you were compared to the christians and obviously god-believing people on foxnews. If these people who love their country so much would actually read the history books, they would know this country was founded by people wanting to get away from religious persecution and tyranny. They apparently want to go back to that. I hope more and more people open their eyes to the idiocy we see before us.

  • annie thomas

    Sarah Palin is such an idiot. Regardless of the fact that it is wrong for the US military to promote a specific religion… how stupid to make themselves sitting ducks in an area where Muslims hate Christians (as much as Christians in the US appear to hate Muslims). Now you can mark “Pissing off Sarah Palin” off your bucket list. Good job! 😉

  • gshelley

    Having read through some of the comments at the Fox article, it’s amazing how many people have jumped in to comment without apparently reading the article. So many seem convinced that Christians are being discriminated against and no longer have anywhere to pray that I despair. And they are the ones able to form coherent sentences.

  • Horacio

    Theists claim that Atheist have no morals because we don’t have an imaginary friend to tell us what to do., and here they are, “protecting” their religion with threats of violence, hate and ignorance, but claim they want peace.

    I just wish there was more I could do.

  • godlessveteran

    I was horrified, but not surprised, when I saw dewey’s threat last night. I’d really like to know when DOJ is going to start taking these Christian terrorists seriously.

    • @godlessveteran I’m glad you said what you did. It shut him right the hell up. I’ve sent stuff like that to the FBI before. Going off experience, it’s actually probably not a legally actionable violent threat, depending on a few factors (location a big one).

      The words Dewey chose are actually more along the lines of hoping somebody dies.

      Various criteria must be met for a death threat (or violent threat) to be taken seriously – specific method, communicating intent to harm another person (Dewey didn’t do this), specific times/locations or situation where an encounter would be logical or reasonable. I’m probably missing a few factors, but when in doubt it’s best to just forward everything to the authorities (FBI if across state lines or unknown) and let them sort it out.

  • mxh

    If these people could claim to be “real Americans” and at the same time not give a crap about the constitution, I wouldn’t be surprised by any stupidity that comes out of their mouths.

  • stupid xtians being stupid. They will die out and their kids will be more tolerant.

  • michaelpowers

    Those kinds of comments are why even our friends can barely stand us. We’re like the drunk, boorish guy at a party. People groan when they see him coming, but tolerate him because he has a lot of money. Thoughtless, and arrogant. It’s how we roll.

  • Germanguy

    I always find the US military and it’s flirting with religion rather interesting.

    We Germany may also have official godbotherers (chaplains of the lutheran and catholic variety), but mostly religion is something that is not talked about. Not due to regs, but for want of interest and relevance. The only time people routinely talk about it is on field exercises during ramadan, because certain soldiers have a higher tendency to keel over from exhaustion.

    Well, that and ridicule while under the influence.

    Side note: From my personal experience in six units and on a total of nine bases, one of the afghan variety, about one third of our army is atheist, a further third doesn’t care about religion, and the last third is made up mostly of muslims and ‘christmas-and-easter’ christians of all flavors.

  • theoutsider

    Justin, I respect and admire greatly what you are doing. Thank you for taking a stand, and doing what you do.

  • Paul Loebe

    Look at these crazy fundamentalists getting all riled up over nothing. Justin, I applaud you pissing off Palin. I never had a bucket list but now I do. There’s only one thing on it:

    -Piss off Sarah Palin

    Let’s see if I can get that done. Congrats brother!

  • keresthanatos

    To start with I am Christian.

    1) Bravo Zulu, that steeple would have made a dandy targeting point.

    2) Sorry about my pathetically dumb brethren, if they would actually read the bible and practice the RED words we wouldn’t have all this hate.

    3) This world is about choice (as i see it), and if my almighty God didn’t force his wishes on you, then who the hell am I to try to force you to believe something you have made up your own mind about.

    4) Sorry about my pathetically dumb brethren, if they would actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights we wouldn’t have all the theatrics over this point that was settled over two hundred years ago.

    5) Thank you for serving our country and more importantly for upholding your Oath of Enlistment.

    6) Keep your ass safe and sound, we all want you to come home alive and unharmed.

    • @keresthanatos:

      Thank you for the comment! While we obviously disagree on theology, I definitely appreciate when ‘moderates’ speak out like this. As an atheist soldier, I know that most of my fellow soldiers are Christians. There are some that are openly hostile, but the majority are neutral or a few that are even supportive. The subject rarely comes up in day to day conversation, and the mandatory events featuring prayer aren’t really ‘talky time’.

      Anyway, it’s good that there are people like you making statements like this. It was extremely disappointing to see how many hateful, violent comments were directed at non-christian soldiers from people who are actually in the military.

  • Daron

    Justin, I hope you looked up the first poster (Joel) on AKO/DKO since his picture is in uniform. That comment would be wonderful for his CO to read.

  • redmann

    Justin, you should proudly display POSP after your name from now on kind of like FCD but much more exclusive. I was in the Navy from 64 to 88 and never experienced any god-bothering except from one WO, but we just ignored him most of the time, otherwise religion hardly ever came up.

  • All I want to know is how any positive comments managed to get on a Fox News site.

  • robster

    Reminds me of the old cliche “With friends like these, who needs enemies”.