Infographic, Ya Blew It

Infographic, Ya Blew It January 27, 2013

My soldiers say really awful ‘science facts’ from time to time. More often than not, it comes from these shitty infographics on Facebook.

from raw for beauty, shitty infogrpahic about unusual uses for lemon juice

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. These all the same thing: “Spot buster”, “Stain remover”, “Removes stains”, “Glass cleaner”, “Toilet cleaner”
  2. Plausible, citation would be helpful: “Sore throat soother”,”Food preservative”, “Fingernail brightener”, “Dry mouth cure”, “Hair highlighter”
  3. Doubtful, citation needed: “Dandruff”, “Lighten age spots and freckles”, “Metabolism booster”, “Hiccups”,
  4. Misleading or Untrue:

    “Insect Deterrent” (There are insects that love lemons, and some species of ants that feed off of those bugs waste.) “Deodorant / odor destroyer” (Plausible / acceptable: scent masking, flavoring, etc.)

  5. Dangerous to be telling people, especially in lieu of medical advice: “morning sickness”, “breast cancer (!)”, “sinusitis”, “warts”, “kidney care (?)”

But the #1 thing I have to ask is…

Why are there so many *limes* in the infographic about lemon juice?

Limes are very different from lemons. Limes do not grow on lemon trees. Premature lemons have a greenish tint, it’s not the royal lime green pictured there, and farmers don’t generally ship premature lemons.

Interestingly, limes do not float in water, but lemons do.

Limes have amazing medicinal properties, but lemons do not.

I find that arguing with these types of ‘facts’ just introduces more of them. Perhaps a simple counter infographic should be the standard operating procedure.

lemon juice fail infographic

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