Settling in to our New Home

Settling in to our New Home July 8, 2013

Getting cozy

I plan to have some new blogs up this week. I’m glad to be at Patheos and hope you guys and girls are ready to help support us as we keep the Foxhole Atheist movement rolling!

I’m still working on getting the old blog posts moved over here and learning the basics about how Patheos is run. It’s just a little different from Freethoughtblogs so it’ll take me a short time to get it all down. Please stay patient and I promise to keep you guys thoroughly informed with the activism under way!

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  • Paul Loebe

    This new comment thing is weird.

    • Cat Burns

      It’s nice, you can reply directly to the person w/o having to put a number on it. lol

  • Phil Giordana Fcd

    Welcome to Patheos, nice to see you guys here! Good luck for the future!

  • Glad to see you finally made the break from FtB. I hope Patheos works out well.

  • Welcome!

  • EllenBeth Wachs

    So glad this move was finally made. Now I can feel free to comment without so much fear of being attacked by a horde

  • ool0n

    Hiya, glad to see you at my second favourite blog network… After SIN of course 😉

    • EllenBeth Wachs

      Did that feel satisfying downvoting my comment?

      • ool0n

        Don’t want to be accused of being a “horde” and “attacking” you Ellen-B… But… Generally bringing passive aggressive drama into a welcome post is seen as somewhat of a faux pas. Damn, now I need to downvote my own comment, can you even do that?
        EDIT: You can!
        EDIT: EDIT: Nope refreshing loses it, oh well over to you EllenB, satisfaction guaranteed!

        • EllenBeth Wachs

          To quote Stephanie Zvan, “Fuck off”

  • Brendan Reid

    welcome !

    and can you please let us know how to
    close the stupid “share” sidebar that is stuck on the left side of your
    pages? It covers up content and there seems to be no way to get rid of

    it is really annoying